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Weekend Food Choices Week 103: What Clinches the Deal

I’ve been excitedly waiting for Malcolm Gladwell’s book “David and Goliath” -a book that tries to explain the advantages of our disadvantages and why some of our advantages turn out actually, to our disadvantage, but because i love a challenge, I decided to exercise my patience a little more and asked to get it as a gift instead of buying it off the rack when it came out last month…and yeah, I’m going to be blissfully jobless in a couple of months so go figure

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Weekend Food Choices Week 96: What Took Us So Long?!

Silantro front-1
Someone once told me that majority of our problems come from saying yes too quickly or no too late. I thought about this and realized it is absolutely true!

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Come As You Are

There is an appropriate time and place for everything

that’s what my mom always says

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Birthday Breakfast

today is Hubby’s birthday and because he wanted to celebrate low key, he didn’t want me to plan his big day…so i decided we would have a whole weekend smorgasbord instead

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Weekend Food Choices Week 72: Not Cool

A couple of months ago, hubby excitedly pointed at the sign that we saw at the corner of the main street near our home…it seemed we were going to have a ramen place nearby


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