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Weekend Food Choices Week 31: Im Back Exhausted but Successfully Happy

It has been a long time since i’ve opened this page, too long perhaps.

Thank you to the readers of Our Daily Blog and my on line buddies for putting up with my absence. We’re back, and im happy to have a smile on my face as i restart our Weekend Food Choices.

Last weekend was a stressful one for me and my friends as we were embarking on our last step to gain that additional four letters in our title. Nerve wracked and exhausted, i came home to a happy surprise from hubby. He said, “i know you’ve been so stressed so ive taken cared of your first weekend food choices after your challenge, would you like a Japanese, Italian, or Mexican cuisine?”.

My jaw almost dropped to the floor…

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Weekend Food Choices Week 15: A Japanese Walkabout Buffet

Weekend Food Choices:
1. Tsukiji
2. Sugi
3. Little Tokyo

Our Choice:

Hubby was craving for Japanese food, a lot of it, so we decided we would hit a J buffet!

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