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Weekend Food Choices Week 26: Where’s Your Burrito

It has certainly been an eventful holiday so after being a busy bee, here is the first Weekend Food Choice of 2010

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Burning Our Palate

i never really cared for spicy dishes until hubby introduced me to the hot sauce back in college. after that, the search for heat in our dishes has always been a must. of course hubby, the veteran that he is, loves his food really hot while i just like it mild.

last night the new episode of CSI Vegas was available for our viewing and so we decided to munch on nachos and some home made salsa.

now, if it was just all up to me, i would grab some ready made salsa in the grocery and have been content with that.  but because hubby is more adventurous, he decided to get canned stewed tomatoes and a bottle of jalapeno.


i thought i would research for salsa recipes but hubby decided to just experiment


no recipe needed, hubby chopped onions


placed them in them in the blender with the jalapeno


and then dunked the stewed tomatoes in the mixture and hit the pulse button


it looked alright as we transferred the mixture into our bowl.  and as hubby sampled his little experiment, a smile crept onto his lips and i knew he did well!


…oh, the new episode of CSI was pretty interesting, much better than the disappointing 200th episode if i may say!

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And the Winner Is…

because we were just not totally satisfied with the cheesesteak we ate last sunday, hubby and i decided we would try the philly cheesesteak at Charlie’s Grill so that we would have something to compare the new kid in rockwell to.

when we got to Charlie’s there was a seat right in front of the TV which was showing the PBA finals (Alaska vs Talk&Text) in the last few minutes of the 4th quarter, the 2 teams tied.  happy that we were seated without having to wait, hubby approached the counter to order.  the waiter told him that they were out of the “starving sized” cheesesteak (P380) so we had to do with the “hungry size” which cost P220.  and because we are still on a diet (well, sort of…) we just shared.  ok, we did order a basket of fries to share too!

Charlie's Grill Philly Cheesesteak -hungry size

Charlie's Grill Philly Cheesesteak -hungry size

when the dish was served hubby was happy to see that it came with salsa and a whole jalapeno pepper.


the slices of meat was thicker and the mixture included cheese, onions and green bell pepper.


the bread was less baguette-y but the filling made up for it totally!  the mixture of the steak strips, onions and bell pepper was delicious!  did you notice the globs of cheese on the meat?  well,  you sure will taste it!  and because the steak was cut thicker, the texture of the filling was much more satisfying.  im not a large fan of bell peppers and thought that it might overpower the filling just by looking at the sandwich but it did not do that at all.  it just blended well with everything else to make one good, no, great, no, excellent philly cheesesteak!

with a better texture, cheesier taste, and more value for your money, Charlie’s Cheesesteak takes home the trophy!


…oh yeah, the ball game was an edge-of-your-seat play (and to think were not even PBA fans!) so paired with our satisfying dinner,  it contributed to a great dining experience!

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