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discoveries after the wedding bells

Solo Food Adventure: Eggs Benedict and Thick Hot Chocolate

I just love being in a patisserie! Neat rows of beautiful sweets do have their way of making me happy

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Dessert Discovery: J Co

Could this actually measure up to our fave donut?

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Weekend Food Choices Week 83: Buffet Options

I know we said we would stay away from buffets but we just couldn’t help it..

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A Steaming Cup to Soothe Troubled Minds

I woke up early this morning to the phone ringing bearing not so good news. I fell back asleep deep in thoughts and woke up again with hubby telling me it was late.

I couldn’t help but think it was all a dream.

The whole day was overcast with everyone paranoid about the arrival of Pepeng. It was like the weather took pleasure in keeping everyone in suspense. Dark skies, very soft rain and no wind.

Everyone prayed.

Hubby got home early and i went home as soon as i could arriving just in time to escape the downpour.

Waiting…hoping it would never come…

Anticipation needed a soothing cup of sweetness

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October 2, 2009 Posted by | Meandering | , , | 4 Comments

April Showers

Its raining… its pouring…

and what better way to spend a lazy, rainy day than snuggling in bed with a hot cup of choco (where’s that bag of mini marshmallows when you need it!)


sipping hot chocolate while watching Snatch……now that’s my kind of day!


i love european films and british films are a favorite.  hubby is catching the craze as he can’t stop laughing at the comic lines intertwined into the action suspense plot of the film.  it must be my self proclaimed compulsory trip to cine europa because  is it me, or is it getting easier to ask him to go with me every year?! *giggle*

im happy that hubby’s happy because he’s good natured enough this morning to allow me to indulge in my little obsession which will be arriving in the mail in two weeks! whooohooo!


it looks like the april showers are bringing blooms in may!

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