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discoveries after the wedding bells

As Easy as Toast

Happy Labor Day everyone! Here’s to all the hard working people out there…

I don’t cook because i never liked being around the stove…too hot in my opinion!
…but there are a few things i can whip up

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Homemade Pasta Dishes

hubby was inspired to cook a couple of dishes after he bought his new pan -or maybe he just wanted to take pasta dishes into his own hands…whatever the reason was, it made my tummy happy

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During the holy week, hubby and i stayed away from our staple dishes and ate healthy for a change

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Weekend Food Choices Week 68: Holiday with Family

This weekend was filled with good food made even better because it was shared with family
a pretty fruit basket from Ninong R & beautiful wife C

For the past couple of years, the family of hubby’s cousin (who are, if i may say, as enthusiastic about food as hubby and i) has been spending the holidays with us and it has always been so much fun with them around…

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