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Weekend Food Choices Week 92: A Carnivore’s Take on Saving Planet Earth

Before Hubby went on his long out of town trip, we decided to have dinner at one of the restaurants carnivore foodies have been talking about for some time now.

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Delicious Thai Dishes with Great Friends

I’ve been so behind on my blog posts that i’ve actually got a few sets lined up but tonight’s dinner was so great i just had to post it immediately.

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Good food gets better with good company

“Please, please lets get together soon!”

how could you ignore such a plea? and as this seemed to be the sentiment of everyone in our batch (at least the 4 of us in manila), i couldnt resist arranging a common date and time for our long overdue get together.

last night the meet finally became a reality.
Venue: Charlie’s Grill and Grind
-now dubbed as the “in” place by RM (watch out for him as he swears he will be back!)

AST got there first and was lucky enough to get seats. hubby and i arrived next and after 15 minutes, sweethearts RM & MH arrived.

On our table:

tmcapril2009-6philly cheese steak ordered by hubby, AST & MH

tmcapril2009-5angus beef burger with wedge fries ordered by RM

tmcapril2009-4fish & chips for me

tmcapril2009chili wings for everyone

there was just so much to catch up on!  its been several months since our last get together other than a few seconds of hi and hellos, mostly by chance.  and so, even after the hearty meal, post dinner drinks and desserts were in order.

Venue: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf


and if the clock did not strike 12 we would not have ended our chit chat!  what a joy it is to be in the company of such good friends!


we miss you SSE & CDG!  wish you and your cutie daughters were here!

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