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Weekend Food Choices Week 68: Holiday with Family

This weekend was filled with good food made even better because it was shared with family
a pretty fruit basket from Ninong R & beautiful wife C

For the past couple of years, the family of hubby’s cousin (who are, if i may say, as enthusiastic about food as hubby and i) has been spending the holidays with us and it has always been so much fun with them around…

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Happiness is…

im missing my hubby and cant sleep. he went on his company’s outing and because ive an event tomorrow today, (goodness, its early morning and im still blogging!) i could not go out of town with him.  so what do i do when im home alone?  i make long distance calls to my family.

i had a great chat with my mom and sister (my brother was too busy getting rich! hehehe!) and the girly chit chat did me well.

they’re going through a little house warming and butter and bubbles seem to be adjusting to the change of environment just fine.  since only one bed was available the first few days, the two girls decided to share!


butter, the pug who does not own the bed (and no she’s not pregnant, she’s just naturally round!), is hogging all the space leaving bubble’s tail end on the floor! *giggle* talk about giving way to the Ate!

this is the cutest thing ive ever seen!


these funny stories are the little things that really make me smile.


one of my favorite columnist, francis kong, hit the bullseye on being happy with his his write up yesterday.  and with my long time motto of destiny by choice, i found myself nodding as i read the list.

Being happy is a decision
BUSINESS MATTERS (BEYOND THE BOTTOM LINE) By Francis J. Kong Updated April 18, 200
The song carries a very catchy tune. There’s even whistling in the background.

And then the words came out saying: “Don’t Worry…Be Happy.

The song became an instant hit. Bobby McFerrin conveys a message of being happy to everyone simply telling them not to worry or fear, just be happy.

But here is my problem. I’m an eternal optimist. (This is why I have not yet given up hope on this country…) yet I am a realist. You cannot be happy for happiness’s sake. You cannot be happy in a vacuum. Lunatics do but not you and me.

I have always encouraged people to look at the positive side of things. The reason is simple. When you try to be positive you will be able to handle a difficult situation better than being negative about it.

But I am a realist. I do not live in denial. And denial is not a river in Egypt. And there are more pyramids in the Philippines than in Egypt. This is why I am a very realistically practical person. Ask the many who have attended my talks and trainings. They will confirm this fact. I have never told people to smile when they wake up in the morning, smile when they go to work, smile at their boss, smile at their friends and smile at everyone you meet and this message is brought to you by the National Mental Institution….I don’t do that.

But being happy is a decision.

Living a happy, resilient, and optimistic life is also good for your health. The killer stress, tension, anxiety is linked to top causes of death such as heart disease, cancer, and stroke. And when you are hit by it, you will realize the uselessness of having to go through all the negative stuff when you had the opportunity to positively deal with it.

To be happy is relatively easy; it begins with a decision. Simply decide to be a happy person.

Here are the following things you need to do in order to be happy:


We have so much to be thankful for. You’ve got a job, be thankful. You’ve got people who love you be thankful. You’re healthy be thankful. Most people in the world would gladly have the many things you now have. You just have to learn to appreciate so you can be happy.


Stay away from chronic complainers. It feels so good to be in the company of happy people. They rub off on you.


Most people do not know how to give a hearty laugh. Maybe they have been trained to suppress their laughter for so long they fail to understand that recent medical findings have indicated that when you suppress a good laugh, it reversed itself and spreads to your hips.


I start the day with the Good News and I am referring to The Bible. Most news is bad news so get less of it. Some people just can’t start their day without their daily dose of the bad news.


In a 24/7 environment, do not try to manage your time but you need to manage your tasks, manage your schedule and manage your energy.


Ask those who have a regular regimen of exercise and they will tell you they feel great, they have more energy and thus they are happy. Being sickly all the time is no fun at all.


Do you know how stressful it is to be dishonest? You need to remember what you said the last time. Some people lie too often such that when they admitted they are lying nobody believes them.


Learning is a happy experience. When you try and learn something new everyday, it challenges you, it stretches you but it affords you the ability to accomplish new things and this will make you happy.

There are still many things you can do in order to be happy but one of the most important things you need to do is to let go of the bitter pains inflicted upon you but the people you loved and trusted. Let go of those layers and layers of negative emotions.

Do what you have to do and never mind the losers who want to pull you down. The Bible talks about forgiveness as a very important act of obedience and this we need to do. No one has the right or the power to make you unhappy. Being happy is a choice.

Ask The Lord to fill your heart with gladness and allow your happiness to graduate into genuine joy.

(Francis Kong will be the lead trainer for the Dr. John Maxwell’s “Developing the Leader Within You” leadership program this April 29-30 at the EDSA Shangri-La Hotel. For further inquiries contact Inspire Leadership Consultancy Inc. 632-6872614)


Happiness is a choice! have a great weekend everyone!

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all meat outing

Family outings always make pleasurable memories. A few weekends ago we took a trip to subic for some much needed bonding time. Plan was to try the steak at meat plus cafe (care of our gracious benefactor! *big hug!*) & just hang out.

This was hubby & my first trip on the NLEX after its much needed renovation. It was a relief to see that the roads were smooth & devoid of the pot holes & mini road hills we were familiar with. Upon reaching the end of the NLEX we entered the SCEX which featured more beatiful roads and scenery. Vehicles traveling this long stretch were wonderfully obedient to the few road rules, well, most of them at least. With me in the front passenger seat hubby displayed toned down driving, although i could tell his foot on the gas was trying its best not to do its reflex pedal to the metal on seeing beautifully paved straights & curves.

After 5 toll ways & more or less P200 of fees, we passed the sentry’s standard to enter SBMA.

We headed for a quick cup of coffee then off we went to meat plus cafe.


The place was simple, not quite the common fast food restaurant, but something more like a diner. A menu is posted behind the cashier counter but if you’re there for steaks, you could actually choose the cut from a freezer on the right of the counter & have them cook that for you.


Waiting time was about 10-15 min after which our steaks started to come in


The steak was thick and colored perfectly with crisscross grill burns, the inside was pink as this carnivore likes her meat medium rare (and fatty!). This was served with mashed potatoes, gravy and mixed vegetables.

Eat up quickly because the steak gets cold fast.

Our niece ordered burger


Although we didnt get to taste this, were guessing it must have been delicious because i just turned my head a few seconds & it was gone, all down the GIT!

After lunch we roamed the groceries (and hardware for the boys) and when the steak had settled in our system, we headed for treetop for some outdoor adventure for the kids.


This place is situated in the more heavily wooded area of subic although a lot nearer to the malls than zoobic & ocean adventure.


A big canopied tree house serves as the registration area & lounge for the less outdoorsy visitors like the one writing this entry.



The more adventurous ones would be harnessed and depending on their pleasure be hoisted on swings, ride trough tree tops or dropped down from a certain height.


Fees are around P300 to P500 ranging from a slow swing ride through the trees, a few seconds of fast gliding, or a stomach churning rappelling drop.



Snacks & drinks are of course exuberantly priced in this area so it would be good to bring your own water & chips if your on a budget. A nice ice cream or yogurt shop would have been great but then again, that’s just me and my cravings. After all, people do go to the treetop adventure for the adventure & not to eat!


Out of town trips are always a favorite of mine, but definitely made more fun with family around!


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