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discoveries after the wedding bells

Top Torikatsu


It’s always exciting to receive new treats
… and that’s what we got a couple of weeks ago when these were delivered to our home

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Dessert Discovery: Custaroonery

custaroons front-1
It’s always wonderful when you find great things in unexpected places.

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A Wonderful Neighborhood Food Find

Today we will soon bid goodbye to the Ox to welcome the Tiger. To celebrate the eve of this event and the eve of hearts day, Hubby, Tat and I drove a couple of meters away from home to have dinner at Poco Deli.

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Weekend Food Choices Week 27: A Simple Breakfast at Home

2 weekends down, 1 to go…

Because we haven’t had time to go out (at all) for the second week in a row, i decided i would make the most of our 2 hour-morning together by whipping up a simple breakfast

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10 Things I Learned in the Last Decade

It seemed that everyone was extremely busy over the holidays. This year i decided to throw caution to the wind and watched (and inadvertently inhaled the smoke of) the fireworks outside the confines of my home for the first time in my life.

It was fun & scary at the same time.

After all the activities outside, I amaturely hosted our small new years eve celebration

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