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discoveries after the wedding bells

Weekend Food Choices Week 55: Big Daddy’s Angus Beef Burger

I was craving for a patty of angus so we headed to the ortigas home depot to Big Daddy’s

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Weekend Food Choices Week 18: Counting Our Blessings

Last weekend’s tragedy was a wake up call for all of us. Sometimes, we dont realize how much we have until we loose it…

Hubby and i have always valued our weekends together. We decided it was much too dangerous to venture out last weekend to de-stress. And after all the fear and chaos, we needed something simple and familiar to soothe our hunger.

I feared they might be closed. I actually tried to call twice the number posted on the Internet before we left the house but i was told it was incorrect. Poor resident must be ready to change their number as I can imagine they get such calls all the time!

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