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Lights and Shadows

hubby has always been into photography and i must say, he’s got talent!

his equipment started with a digital camera upgraded into a DSLR. various lenses were acquired and now, its flash that he’s crazy about.

ive never liked the camera flash because, well, i prefer warm lighting in my photos. but when i saw what strobes, and creativity could do, i was amazed!


i never knew lights and shadows could be so beautiful in photographs



but its all very complicated, the angles and lighting and other technical equipment…

…i think ill stick with my macro shots and let him take care of the strobes



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Easy Way Out

there are just some things in life we love to do, and some things we’d rather ignore. for me, one of the things i’d rather forget would be cleaning my laptop.

you see, i thrive daily on my good old white apple which seems to attract smudge and soot (as if a chimney is anywhere near!) like a magnet.  and when hubby started to notice, he bought me a cleaner that’s supposed to remove the dirt.  its been on our shelves for a couple of months now but it wasn’t until the recent vacation that i braved my way to the long forgotten cleaning pads.


the instructions were easy enough, i thought,

it said wet, wipe, done….


i could not believe my eyes!

the dirt just slid off as if powder on a tabletop! sorry there is no “before picture” as i did not think these pads to be miracle workers worthy of any shutter time but i was so amazed i just had to share! hahaha!

if i had known it to be this easy, i would have given my lovely tech companion a much needed wipe ages ago!  but the fear of difficulty and sheer laziness kept me from it…

and like most difficult things in life, the real easy way out is just to get it over with!  after that, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to move on!

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Morning Experiments with Microwaved Eggs

there was a sale at S&R last April 1-5 and since hubby’s office is a stone throw away from one of their branches, he surprised me with a purchase.


it was a contraption that allows you to cook eggs in the microwave!


we have found a way to cook very crispy bacon in the microwave with all its grease absorbed by paper towels but i didnt know you could cook eggs in the microwave either!


hehehe!  silly me initially thought it was an april fools day prank, but i happily found out it could really be done!


the content of the box looked like a mini juicer


and inside it were aluminum lining with holes


instructions say that water was to be placed on the bottom part of the plastic encasement.


we then placed the raw egg tip down and set the microwave for 3 minutes.  i was so excited to open the microwave cooked egg when the 3 minutes were up and so hubby cracked it open hurried by my enthusiasm, burning his fingers in the process!


we found the first product too cooked and thought that we could alter the directions on the box and cook it at 2 min 30 seconds and then drop it in an ice bath, less we want to thoroughly burn all of hubby’s fingertips!


the 2nd product turned out quite well


the white was cooked and the center was soft, but i like my egg yolk a little soupy and tried to cooked the 3rd egg at 2minutes and 20 seconds.  this produced an almost raw egg which spilled and escaped my lens.

the next morning we repeated the microwaved egg experiment, this time with a different batch of eggs and went with 2 minutes 30 seconds without the ice bath and produced my soupy eggs. *big smile*

best paired with crunchy bacon and my favorite orange juice -sour and pulpy!


what a great way to start our morning!

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a photographer wannabe’s lazy saturday

i woke up today determined not to do anything productive.  and because this rarely happens i allowed myself a little indulgence by being a bum for a day.

hubby was being his supportive self by cooking breakfast for me and giving me a little tutorial on using my LX3’s flash.


i was never really fond of using any camera flash because it makes my photos washed out but after seeing some great pictures taken by photographers using a flash, i wanted to learn.


i learned that the SLR’s flash produces good photos because you can swirl it around so that the light bounces in the direction you want.  but because im not so thrilled about lugging a bulky flash attachment, hubby made me a makeshift diffuser to place on my LX3’s built in flash.


its the white thingy.  and yes, i know what you’re thinking, it looks like a film roll holder.  apparently it is!  he just placed foil on one part right where the flash will be directed at and …



neat!  ok, now if you’ve been shooting pictures for a long time now, you’re probably saying “you just found this out now?!”  sorry, im a newby!

hubby showed me this round flash attachment which i could use on my macro shots which looks interesting but it costs a fortune for a person on a sabbatical.  so for now, the film roll holder will have to suffice!


*apologies for my choice of subjects to shoot, it was whats within reach!!!*

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9 thousand crab and other food adventures

the fourth day of our trip was dedicated to eating the famous singapore chili crab.  so we headed to vivo where we were just in time for lunch.


no signboard seafood restaurant was well recommended.  and we found out why.

the crabs were huge! and the chili sauce that it bathed in was deliciouso!

as you can see the plate is as big as the waiter’s waist!



even the home made bean curd was yummy and satisfied my taste with a crunchy texture.

we were however taken a back when our bill came…..hence the title of this blog! harharhar!  for a while my conscientious hubby was walking along dismayed.  i jokingly told him he should have porposed to me at such a grand restaurant and not after a hotdog at 7 eleven (hehehe!).

we then headed off to buy my camera…

i got an LX3 which i thought looked really good and according to hubby, had really good features.

(this was taken with my omnia)

the photos it took were ultra clear!  i was sure i could take good pictures with this camera.  the only detriment is my laziness to learn the technical side of photography.  that is why hubby is there for me! hehehe!

the next day, our last day in singapore hubby was determined to get his hands on the ever illusive (heart attack causing) sup tulang.  so we headed off to newton and found our red bulalo!


for all of you who fight over the utak when you have bulalo for dinner, look no further, there are 6 marrow laden bones in this dish!  the color may mislead you to think that this is super spicy but its not.  it has just the right amount of heat and mysteriously the marrow does not get sebo even when its not hot.  hmmmm…



we ate this with carrot cake which we found out had no carrots at all…..it was made of raddish and oyster sauce.


and seafood fried rice.  this is ultra yummy!


we gulp this down with the help of sugar cane juice.



the satisfied hawker-eaters left with orange fingers.


more malls


and then my kaya toast


before heading back home to get our things ready for our flight.  *sad*

being the final day of our trip, i tried to see if we had tried everything we wanted.  we still had not tasted the ba ku teh and the singapore sling but we surely will be able to one of these days.  we loved singapore so much that we might just be back very soon……..


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