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Weekend Food Choices Week 103: What Clinches the Deal

I’ve been excitedly waiting for Malcolm Gladwell’s book “David and Goliath” -a book that tries to explain the advantages of our disadvantages and why some of our advantages turn out actually, to our disadvantage, but because i love a challenge, I decided to exercise my patience a little more and asked to get it as a gift instead of buying it off the rack when it came out last month…and yeah, I’m going to be blissfully jobless in a couple of months so go figure


No doubt, big servings of good food will be a delight to any food enthusiast and because this place offers to fulfill that need to satisfy an empty stomach, we went to see how it would fair.


Since this was an after dinner visit -not exactly on an empty gut, i was glad that they also offered smaller options. At least i knew they were not banking on size alone.


and what do you know…they had German beer!


I had hoped they had the darker variety but this Munich weissbier was actually pretty good.

Our beer pairings:

Jalapeno Cheese (P89)

I liked this because it had just the right amount of heat although it was a little low on hubby’s heat scale, the warm crisp cheesy finger food got a thumbs up from both of us.


Buffalo Wings (P195 for 3 pcs, P295 for 5 pcs)

These wings were tasty but pretty traditional as opposed to the chicken wing shops we go to that serves unique sauce smothered wings. But the size is decent and the chicken is meaty and quite tender.

I’m not going to deny this makes a good snack option.


Sausage Links (P165 for 6 inches, P299 for 12 inches)

You can choose to have a Bratwurst, Hungarian, Kielbasa or Schubling but because i had a German beer, i decided to get a bratwurst.

I was very happy with this wurst because it had that crunch as i bit into the casing of the sausage. So good…i was actually sorry i only got the 6 inch version…


The BSB (Beef & Sausage Burger) (P189 for 1/4 lb, P269 for 1/2 lb)

The beef and sausage patty looked good in between the soft oat bun


but it tasted even better with every mouthful as the flavor of the flame grilled meat patty mingled with the garlic mushroom and the melted soft and buttery Havarti cheese topping.


This place offers decently good food and good beer. Throw in an owner who is involved and seems to want his customers to feel at home while enjoying their meal, makes this place a great neighborhood spot where you can hang out.

Yes, size does matter… but quality of the food no matter how basic, and great service definitely clinches the deal!

Size Matters
Sun to Thur 11am – 11pm
Fri to Sat 11am – 1am

Tel # 02 4773065
D’ACE Plaza
Barangay Kapitolyo
Pasig City


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