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Weekend Food Choices Week 102: Solitude, Solidarity, and Everyday Heroes

CornerTreeCafe -1-1
It’s ironic how beautiful the blue sky was last Sunday when the strongest storm to hit land in history just passed by a couple of days back

typhoon yolanda2013(from EUMETSAT via Flickr lifted from GMA News)

We all knew it would be massive but I don’t think anyone was prepared for the aftermath. My heart goes out to all those people affected.

As the people of Tacloban cope with the loss and destruction, activities in Manila resumed.

A symposium that was almost canceled pushed through with success, thanks to the help of the people who worked months before, and those who participated on the day of the activity.

As i drove off to my planned weekend food adventure last week, under a cool blue sky, i realized what they meant when they said there is calm after the storm. My demeanor was perfect for the cafe where i was headed.

Corner Tree Cafe is the home of comfort vegetarian food in Manila.

I passed by this cafe before and even back then, i knew it was a place i wanted to try.

Hubby did always say i had some quirky ways and if he was with me, i know this would probably qualify as quirky…

Entering Corner Tree Cafe, you would instantly notice how homey it was, a small restaurant with wooden chairs and tables and simple decors. There were a few diners eating alone or with a friend that day…it seemed like a place you could sit comfortably reading a novel or completing one even…it seemed like some sort of a lair for people who quietly dared to be different…i loved the ambiance!

Mango Lassi P130
Such a refreshing drink! There was a funny thing that happened as i was enjoying my beverage…Corner Tree Cafe uses paper straws, which the environmental me thought was wonderful, but halfway through my drink i realized i was having difficulty sipping as the top part of the straw started to cave in…just goes to show that to achieve something, another may have to be compromised.
CornerTreeCafe -1-2

Spinach & Mushroom Lasagna P395
CornerTreeCafe -1-3

Spinach, roasted red bell pepper, mushrooms and 3 different cheeses and capsicum. This reminded me of the vegetable lasagna i used to order from the doctors lounge back in residency.
This lasagna was good but I wished there would have been more cheese and mushrooms to make it more savory.

CornerTreeCafe -1-6

Corner Tree Cafe is probably one of the few restaurants who cater to the vegetarian foodies in the metro. As for an omnivore like me, the menu offers a nice retreat from the everyday meals I’m used to.
…but this weekend, well that’s another story…

A lot has been said and done throughout the week, some uplifting and some are not, but one thing is for sure, when you ask for help, you realize that there are so many good people out there willing to lend a hand. To those who are out there helping at ground zero, and the others who make it possible for organizing and shipping the much needed help for the victims, we salute you. You are the country’s everyday heroes.

Corner Tree Cafe
150 Jupiter
Makati City, Philippines
+63 2 897 0295


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