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Weekend Food Choices Week 101: Things of Comfort

Naci -1-4
If you would ask me what comfort food is, i would say a thin crust pizza any day of the week
…of course that’s just me.

Naci -1-1

Hubby and i were hanging out one weekend when we realized it was the perfect opportunity to try something new and saw Naci. I was a bit skeptical to enter at first because it seemed like an upscale home cooked food place and i was not in the mood for rice bowls that day. But hubby saw that they had burgers and wanted to give it a try.

We were not disappointed…

Naci offers to satisfy that comfort food craving by raising the bar of our usual well loved dishes.

…and they don’t just mean rice bowls either!

Double Cheeseburger P420
Naci -1-8
Hubby loves this basket of really juicy beef patties with caramelized onions, tomato, lettuce and melted cheese, served with potato wedges and petite green salad.

The flavor of the beef patties were just so good and was unexpected in a place that didn’t really specialize in burgers. Hubby definitely satisfied his burger craving that day!

Vanilla Orange Iced Tea
Naci -1-3
I usually don’t like complicated iced teas but this was interestingly good and refreshing. Perfect with my pizza.

Peking Chicken Pizza P480
Naci -1-6
I was curious how this oriental pizza would turn out and boy was I in for a surprise.

Naci -1-11
It was so delicious!

I was pleased that they served pizza with a crust that was truly thin and crisp just the way i like it. The only down side to it is that you have to gobble up the pizza while it’s hot because i noticed that the crust got a bit soggy after a while. But then again, the flavors were just too good for me to really care about the crust not holding up.

Naci -1-12

Sprinkled with chili, the flaked roast chicken, hoisin tomato sauce, chinese sausage and fresh shitake mushrooms came together perfectly!

It was so good i could have eaten the whole pie if only my gastric capacity would let me!

Naci -1-5

This unassuming restaurant among the wide array of places in BGC is a wonderful find.

The nice interiors, the great service provided by their staff, the attention to details, and customers’ needs such as gadgets to view how the various dishes looked like, were all pretty neat!

Naci is a place you wouldn’t mind coming back to the very next day because you know you will be getting simple food you crave for in versions that are surprisingly more than what you actually expected.

I believe the feeling of comfort, much like fear described by Robin Sharma, is a conditioned response. We were trained to find satisfaction in certain things and discontent in others depending on how we were cultivated by our environment. For some, comfort can be found in good food, for others, a day at the salon, and others still, time spent with friends. What ever it might be, it is always good to know there are some places we can go to satisfy our craving for comfort.

Naci -1-10

What do you crave for today?

Unit 3, Two Parkade 7th Avenue
Bonifacio Global City
Tel. No. +02 847-NACI


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