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Choosing Well In Life

We were often told that a bowl with something in it is either half empty or half full depending on your outlook, but being optimistic about an empty bowl is a whole different ballgame …it takes a lot of faith and experience


How many times have we been given a menu of options and then suddenly realizing we were not equip to make the right decision?

If there is one thing i appreciate about my up bringing it would have to be the multitude of experiences i was exposed to culturally, socially and even gastronomically…oh i don’t think i liked it a lot then, but looking back, i realize now that they contribute to my current sanity.

I’m sure you’ve encountered people who cannot choose between this or that simply because they tried to escape from decision making in the past. They can’t make up their minds in simple situations from fear of making a mistake, when in fact the right option is just to choose. There are very few wrong answers in life, those that truly hurt other people, but if that is not the case, then there is no right or wrong answer. There may be inconveniences with either options, but we all live through them and then next time, if we think it was not worth it, at least we’ve learned that choosing the other is probably the best option for us -experience whether good or bad is to our advantage, sometimes we just have to take a step back and stop complaining about our situation so that we can realize the learning points we could use in the future…and that brings me to the other end of the spectrum, people who have been burned in the past and still choose to go on that same dark path and they wonder why life is so miserable…crazy right? …but they exist…

Now hubby and i both love Thai food and we’ve tried quite a few places that serve them. Some were great but others were not… and those not so great ones, we made sure we never returned to. That is why when we entered Tamarind we knew exactly what we wanted to order to decide whether this place was good or not.

Cha num yen (Thai iced milk tea) P98

A refreshing drink that was great with the spicy dishes we ordered


Tom Yum Goong (Tom Yum Shrimp) P252-medium P308-large

Hubby was pleased with this bowl of sour and moderately spicy soup with the right mix of herbs.

Kau kluk gapi (Bagoong rice) P180

We liked this rice because it was neither too sweet nor too salty, as is with other bagoong rice we’ve had. It paired well with our other dishes.

Kaeng Ped Nua (Beef Red Curry) P316

Tender beef drenched in a blend of delicious coconut milk infused with flavorful herbs in every spoonful. Really delicious!

Plamug kratiem prig thai (Squid with cilantro, garlic and pepper)P288
This dish came a little late into our lunch but the tender and tasty squid was good so we could not complain.

Oleang (Thai Iced Coffee) P90
A sweet strong brew to end the flavorful lunch we had -perfect!

I guess the moral of the story is, in life, we will never develop skills to choose what is good for us if we continually shy away from new experiences out of fear of making mistakes. But most importantly, we will always be stuck in the same rut if we refuse to learn that our mistakes in the past should never be part of our current options.

Today is our country’s barangay elections…have we learned from the mistakes we’ve made in the past, or are they still part of our current options?

For those who will cast their ballots today, vote wisely…improving the game at the grassroots level will make changes in the bigger scheme of things easier…otherwise stop complaining!

5/F SM Aura Premier, Sky Park,
McKinley Parkway McKinley Hill, Taguig
(02) 556-1156


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