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A Taste of Europe in Tagaytay


I had a great lunch with good friends a couple of months ago at this “off the main road” chateau up the mountains.


It’s always nice to catch up with friends from med school. But since we all chose different paths in our careers, it’s difficult to align our schedules for an out of town trip. So the minute we were all available, we took the opportunity to go up to Tagaytay for a quick getaway.

We learned about this chateau past the pineapple fields and decided to give it a try.


They say friends are treasures of life. I’ve always been blessed to have known good friends.

I count myself lucky because when destiny finally thought it was time for me to lose my rose colored glasses so I could recognize wolves in sheep’s clothing whom I began mingling with, i learned i could just choose to tolerate them for as long as it was necessary and it would not be my loss. And although it was devastating to know that these people actually introduced themselves as allies, it taught me how to take everything with a grain of salt.

Destiny always has a purpose and it’s up to you how to use it!

Keeping great friends is a great way to start…


So my interesting lunch date started with Smoked Salmon


I do love salmon, so this appetizer was a hit.
I never got the hang of using the contraption to squeeze the lemon though…


But the lemon sprinkled salmon, drizzled with honey mustard was definitely a good mouthful. I would definitely order this dish again


French Onion Soup


On the other hand we were not very thrilled about the French onion soup. The flavor was flat and lacked the thick layer of cheese covering the soup which hubby loves. This needs a lot of improvement in my opinion.


Pasta Gorgozolla (P520)


Hubby was pleased with this dish. Penne in creamy blue cheese sauce, with Parma ham and basil leaves. It had great flavors and was a good size for one order


Beef Stroganoff (P670)


A Russian dish of sautéed tender beef drenched with rich mushroom and sour cream sauce …where could you go wrong with this?!


Wiener Snitzel (P540)


A huge serving of the famous Viennese dish of very tender thinly sliced pork cutlets enveloped in crunchy coating and served with parsley potatoes and Hestia’s greens


Crusted Salmon (P585)


Lemon-prepped crusted salmon filet with smoked paprika sauce


Pizza Margherita (P590)


I wish this pizza would have been thinner. It could have been better…


No meal is ever complete without desert

so we decided to share an order of homemade Ube ice cream


This cold dessert was good but the serving was way too small even for just one person


and an order of chocolate lava cake


We all noticed that the cake’s structure did not hold up. It was served like this.


… but hey, who doesn’t love chocolate right?!


and who could complain with such good company…


It was a great lunch date…a prelude to a wonderful home cooked dinner we had that evening

… but that would have to be another post all together!


Nothing beats even a short getaway especially if it’s with real friends!

Chateau Hestia Garden Restaurant & Deli Shop
Purok 5, Brgy. Bukal,
Silang, Cavite, Philippines 4118
(near Tagaytay City)
For reservations or inquiries
contact them at 0929-711-32-89
or e-mail us at dine@chateauhestia.com

…ok we told you it was in the middle of no where!
Directions: from Sta Rosa Rd coming from Manila turn right at Lagusan Drive then when you hit a dead end turn right again, then, well…just follow the signs


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