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Top Torikatsu


It’s always exciting to receive new treats
… and that’s what we got a couple of weeks ago when these were delivered to our home


Top Torikatsu is a new quick gourmet meal


It comes in two flavors – Classic and Cheese & Chives.


What i love about this product is that it’s so easy to prepare. Instructions were to deep fry for 3 minutes but we decided to pan fry it instead.


Top Torikatsu is made with choice, 100% Bounty Fresh chicken breasts that can be deep fried, baked and as we learned, pan fried.


The crunchy coating and tender meat was delicious, dipped in Trader Joe’s wasabi mayo, paired with rice for hubby and in between a sliced baguette for me.

Hubby loved the Cheese & Chives version and i would have to agree.


So if you’ve been looking for a good quick meal to prepare for your family, Top Torikatsu would be perfect! Easy to prepare, versatile and delicious…it’s definitely for me!


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