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Weekend Food Choices Anniversary: Believing is half the journey

HCuisine front-1
Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen


Hubby and i were looking forward to our Italian dinner reservation when i got a call to go to work
…of course my heart sank -we all know how i feel about sudden schedule changes, and on the Weekend Food Choices Anniversary of all days!

…but little did i know that it was an event that would point us to a delicious QC find


We didn’t exactly feel ecstatic when we first entered the restaurant, at least i didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, H Cuisine’s ambiance, although more casual than i had hoped for, was fine, but there was a really loud group of diners at a big table that made me cringe… this was definitely going to be a far cry from the ambiance of our planned Weekend Food Choices anniversary dinner date, i thought. Fortunately we were ushered to the second floor, away from the senseless noise -give me a break, i was tired and hungry!


I learned about H Cuisine by Chef Hannah from JAO but i never got around to giving it a try.

On this visit, we ordered their famous Angus beef belly (Php288 -single; Php428 -for sharing)

The generous portion of fatty Angus beef definitely made me forget the day’s menagerie of events


There was one thing Hubby noticed when we were seated -the knife on the table.
“Don’t tell me we’ll be eating the Angus beef with these”, said the cutlery snob


Digging into the dish, Hubby and i found out why we didn’t need steak knives. The slow cooked Angus beef belly was so tender it disintegrated with just our forks! I finally realized why this was called the Most Awesome Angus Beef Belly -aptly named i thought!


I was impressed with H Cuisine‘s attention to service. When we were seated on the second floor they made sure there was a server that stayed there to attend to our needs. Their staff are also well versed with the items in the menu and answered our inquiries satisfactorily. We were informed how many minutes we had to wait for each dish and their information was pretty accurate. I was one happy diner!

There’s nothing better than a place that serves good dishes except one that serves it well.

Another factor that impressed me about H Cuisine is how good their drinks were. How many casual restaurants have you gone to that serve great food and equally delicious drinks? H Cuisine’s Dalandan Juice and Lime Cooler are something i would come back for any day. But hey, that’s just me.


Clams in Garlic Infused EVOO Linguine (Php198)
HCuisine-9I loved this pasta dish.
The flavors were light and perfect that even Hubby, the pasta critic, gave it his seal of approval.

This is definitely a must try. I’m craving for it now as i blog!


Eggplant Moussaka (Php178)

This Mediterranean dish was interestingly well made. Each bite gave a savory mouthful with a surprisingly delightful texture.

I could not believe all the three dishes we ordered were so great. Is that actually possible in such an unassuming restaurant?!


…of course dinner would not have been complete without dessert and coffee
HCuisine desserts-1

Butter knives down, this place has to be one of the ‘must go to’ secret gems of QC


A surprisingly wonderful find for ODB’s Weekend Food Choices 4th Anniversary!

-and oh yeah the kid is fine…


H Cuisine
64 Scout Rallos St.
Tomas Morato Quezon City, Philippines
Mon-Sun 11:30am to 11pm


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