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ODB’s Thirst Quencher of the Month: Chimay

Chimay ODB-1

Since i’ve found that drinks are as exciting to explore as the dishes we’ve been reviewing, i’ve decided to feature a drink once a month in ODB.

Chimay ODB-1

Belgian beers are known for their exquisite quality and Chimay is one of only 6 Belgian beers to carry the Authentic Trappist Product label.

Chimay is named after a municipality in Belgium where the Notre Dame Scourmont Abbey, famous for their Chimay brewery, is located.

The Blue cap Chimay is a dark Trappist beer with a dry caramel note and as i love the coffe-like taste of dark beers, this was perfect for our chips and Hubby’s delicious homemade salsa for our series date night!

Being a Trappist product, Chimay is produced in or near the monastery and its income provides for the community and for social service, a great product for our first ODB’s Thirst Quencher feature.

What are you drinking tonight?


May 19, 2013 - Posted by | Meandering, ODB's Thirst Quencher

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