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Dessert Discovery: Custaroonery

custaroons front-1
It’s always wonderful when you find great things in unexpected places.

There are several churches I visit when preparing for important events in my life. These are the same churches i visit during Holy Week to show my gratitude for the life of comfort I have been given.

It’s wonderful how sitting in silence can renew your level of energy.

I still have to master the art of emptying my mind though (less skipping of yoga class is in order), as my head seems to always be full of bits and pieces of information and ideas even when i seem perfectly still…Hubby knows more than anybody how i cannot go through a day without a scheduled task…that’s just me…

Finishing my day with a visit to Saint Pio of Pietrelcina Chapel, i walked into the Custaroonery to get a box of sweets to serve as dessert to the lunch Hubby was cooking up.


I love the custaroonery because of the intricate details you can find in such a small area, in an unusual place for a pastry shop too. The pretty colored boxes adds to the charm of this little shop.


Each box of custaroons is freshly baked

There are two varieties, the plain custaroons and cheese

It will last 4 days at room temperature and 1 month if in the ice box

Biting into the pastry will give you a delicious marriage of the sweet macaroons and the velvety custard

and the cheese variety…adds depth to an already interesting pastry


Much like anything else in life, there are wonderful finds in unexpected places. Sometimes, good things are hard to grasp and if you don’t give theses new things a chance, you might just be missing out on something lovely -like a macaroon that’s also a custard and with cheese…

What have i learned this holy week?
Silence, gratitude, forgiveness, and acceptance will all lead to freedom and sometimes delicious pastries…

What are the realizations that you are proud of this Easter Sunday?


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