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Weekend Food Choices Week 96: What Took Us So Long?!

Silantro front-1
Someone once told me that majority of our problems come from saying yes too quickly or no too late. I thought about this and realized it is absolutely true!

Silantro is a little place next to the village church in Kapitolyo. Hubby and I were extremely excited when we first saw the sign being put up because it was a place we passed by everyday and it looked like a cool new hang out.

But because it was just there at the end our street we kept putting off our plans to visit…the parking was too tight, it was possible to go there anytime as opposed to the other restaurants we wanted to try, and the list goes on. So months passed by and our excitement, well let’s say waned a little, that is until we heard they were serving the 4th best burrito in manila. Realizing we were probably missing out on one of the best places to try, we finally headed on over to the end of our street.

Silantro is a small joint. When you enter, you’ll be greeted by a counter next to the meat and salsa bar with probably around 7 bench tables inside the restaurant and a few more tables outside. Fortunately there was a vacant table for us when we visited.

The Mexican cuisine is one of our favorites because not only can you get delicious no fuss dishes, their cocktails are great as well.

Hubby decided he would try their Mojito (Php120)
The mix was decent and we liked the amount of alcohol. We just found it a little funny it was served in a regular glass with a plain white straw much like the cocktails hubby makes at home. Presentation could be better but the taste was right on.

Beef Nachos (Php160)
We got excited when this came to our table. Bright salsa, beautifully covering the nacho chips…yum!


Hubby makes great salsa so we know our nachos and this was simply delicious…and the chunks of Angus beef mixed in the nachos… it was the kicker


Right off I knew I was going to love Silantro because service was great. You have this cool young staff who was in the know when asked about the dishes they served. Don’t you just love a place with delicious food and service that’s spot on?!

We were offered their home made hot sauce which was thick and rich with flavors. Hubby was thrilled! A great dipping sauce for their nachos, tacos and burrito.


Silantro has the Mexican wrestling theme going, seen with their wall posts and even in their menu.

Lucha tacos
Lucha libre is a form of Mexican freestyle wrestling where you see the fighters wearing colourful masks hurl each other to the ground. I don’t really care for the violent sport but I sure was interested in the lucha themed tacos.

Choosing your tacos will need you to pick your weight class … Ligero (Php65) is Spanish meaning light and will give you one taco, Medio(Php85) meaning medium will give you 2 tacos with 2 meat options and Completo(Php100) meaning full, will give you 3

a variety of meat is available to incorporate in your tacos including chicken, beef, pork, lamb, oxtail, tripe, and lengua. I ordered the Medio with ox tail and lamb.

You can opt for either soft or hard shells. I always like hard shell tacos because I like the crunch. The down side to hard shells aside from being much more messy than the other option is that you have to eat it right away otherwise the sauce can make the shell soggy.

Despite the texture outcome from trying to get my food porn, Silantro tacos, with the mix of choice meat and salsa was great


Now for what we came for
Silantro’s Burrito (Php160)
Biting into Silantro’s burrito gives you a happy mix of mouth watering flavors. Tasting the delicious dish made me want to knock my head over thinking why hadn’t we come sooner?!!

Delicious premium angus beef, mixed with the savory rice and tomatoes. So good!

Now, although Hubby is a big fan, I don’t usually order burrito because I find the wrapped mix too complicated especially with all the rice and a mixture of what seems like everything but the kitchen sink, but Silantro’s burrito changed all that. They decided to make one with just the essentials and it made a great combination. Who would have thought that something simple and less complicated would taste so good.


So it’s true, we often miss out on things when we say yes too quickly or no too late but I guess the important thing is that we learn from our mistakes.

How about we celebrate this revelation with a burrito and margarita?! Ole!


75 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo
Pasig City
Tel. No. 0917-508-4748
Open daily, 11 a.m. to 12mn


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