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Holiday Dinner -More Fun Hosted at Home

TMC batch xmas 2012-23
Our residency batch decided this year’s annual holiday dinner would be different

TMC batch xmas 2012-5

… so we decided it would be in one of our homes

The menu was set a few weeks before

The group’s favorite salad from Cyma
TMC batch xmas 2012-4

We love this salad because of the fresh greens and how all the ingredients come together to create a light and refreshing starter

TMC batch xmas 2012 photogrid-6

Caviar pie
TMC batch xmas 2012-22
this luxurious pie spread on the crunchy croutons was a perfect partner to the delicious salad

but the main attraction of the night was

French Lechon from Pepita’s Kitchen

TMC batch xmas 2012-14Crispy lechon with truffle rice stuffing

TMC batch xmas 2012 photogrid-1

TMC batch xmas 2012-6

Soon the table was set

TMC batch xmas 2012 photogrid-3

and we were ready to feast

TMC batch xmas 2012-40

the truffle rice stuffed lechon de leche was so delicious!

Just cutting into the crunchy skin, allowing the aroma of the truffle rice escape, was already heaven…so you could just imagine how satisfying it was to our palates…

TMC batch xmas 2012 photogrid-5

the initial crunch from the skin that gives way to the thin layer of velvety fat and soft meat ending in the creamy aromatic rice

…I may have found the most delicious version of my favorite dish!

Dinner ended with refreshing fruits

TMC batch xmas 2012 edit-3

and moist chocolate cake from Mary Grace
TMC batch xmas 2012-43

Thank you AST & DT for hosting such a delicious dinner!

TMC batch xmas 2012 photogrid-4

Amazing dishes shared with good friends make the best holiday dinner!

TMC batch xmas 2012-46

We miss you CDG & SSE! Wish you could have been with us!

Holiday dinners…
TMC batch xmas 2012 photogrid-2

…definitely more fun shared with good friends!


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