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Droplets of Nature


If there is something i like almost equally as finding new restaurants, it is discovering new eco products! That’s why i was very excited to get a package from Droplets of Nature a few weeks ago.


Droplets of Nature is a company that aims to provide the Filipino household affordable eco friendly products.

Take for example their dishwashing liquid (P156 500ml, P285 1liter) which is free from paraben, phosphate and other harmful chemicals and instead, is loaded with essential oils. In fact, it is made from potato/corn based surfactant, listed as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by the US Food & Drugs Administration.


This highly concentrated soap can effectively was 5 plates with just a tiny drop so you can imagine that this 500ml bottle will do a looooong way.

Hubby knows i love soaps made with organic ingredients but they can cost an arm and a leg just like my favorite french soap…so these samples came as a delight especially after using them for weeks now and realizing my skin actually agrees with them.

Droplets-1Beauty & Bright facial & body lightening moringa soap (P114) and Skin lightening & body soap & anti aging serum bar (P94)

Yey for affordable organic soaps!

But what made me really happy were Droplets of Nature’s hand sanitizer (P69). The sanitizer in the pink bottle smells of baby powder while the blue one smells of mint.


These are made from plant-based lactic acid, which is the main anti bacterial ingredient, fruit-based alcohol and essential oils which act as a natural moisturizer. I love how my hands feel so silky after i use them unlike many alcohol based sanitizers that make my hands really dry.

I’m actually very happy with the items i got from Droplets of Nature. Affordable products that are good for Mother Earth always get my vote!

…now if only they would come up with organic hair products….

Looking for gift giveaways this Christmas? Why not support Filipino eco products and buy Droplets of Nature for your friends and family!


Droplets of Nature
(02) 553-4959

Products available at:
Cash & Carry
DutyFree Philippines
Bora Budget
Pepper Jack
International Freeport
Baby Land
Baby Step; Buy Low Supermarket


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