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Solo Food Adventure: Fish & Chips

Today marks my last Solo Food Adventure for this year since Hubby will be coming home tomorrow *excited*.
I wanted something light and Chuck’s Grub was the perfect place to go.

I’m a fish and chips fan and this place offers a variety of this dish.

Dory -Php130 for 2pcs/ Php200 for 4pcs/ Php260 for 6pcs/ Php50 additional pc
Cobbler -Php150 for 2pcs/ Php220 for 4pcs/ Php300 for 6pcs/ Php60 additional pc
Snapper -Php170 for 2pcs/ Php250 for 4pcs/ Php350 for 6pcs/ Php70 additional pc
Halibut -Php250 for 2pcs/ Php350 for 4pcs/ Php480 for 6pcs/ Php80 additional pc

Hubby has cooked Dory fish and chips at home before and i don’t really like halibut because of it’s low fat content (me and my penchant for cholesterol) so i decided to go with the snapper.

4 pc Snapper Fish and Chips

You get two sauces with the 4pc order. I chose the garlic mayo (which was fine) and the tartare which i really liked

I thought the snapper was a good choice. Nicely salted and peppered, sprinkled with lemon and dipped in the tartare sauce, it was a great partner to my winter melon beverage.

Why it’s a great place when you’re alone:
Hidden at the side of the supermarket, you won’t feel watched because people are too busy passing by with their groceries. Offering simple food to satisfy the diner who doesn’t feel like eating a whole meal.


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