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Solo Food Adventure: Sashimi & Sushi Craving

I was craving for sashimi as well as sushi, and i knew just where to get it

Uni Sashimi (Php250)

The first time i heard of Kuretake, years back, i had to ask the Rockwell concierge where it was because i just couldn’t find it. I found out the main entrance is outside the mall, although there is a back door opening into one of the side alleys of the mall (beside L’occitane) . After i found it, i became a regular, especially when i need comfort food when Hubby is away.

This place is great! They have a Japanese chef at the sushi/sashimi bar and quite a number of Japanese customers so i knew way back then that the food would be good.

Takara Sushi (Php470)

Why it’s a great place when you’re alone:
The servers are really attentive and the food is very satisfying, you won’t even notice you’re alone!

The great thing about Kuretake is that when you order a dish, it comes with an appetizer, a bowl of soup, house tea (hot or iced) and fruits. So you get a complete meal!

Good service, great food and freebies…what more can you ask for?!


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