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Solo Food Adventure: Cinnamon and Walnut Apple Pie

I was having a great first day of the month. Smooth morning rounds, great lunch, time to visit my two favorite adoration chapels and extra time for window shopping…

…but darn that shoe sale sign!

i decided to cut short my window shopping to sit down for a feel good pastry and Mary Grace was top of mind.

I was excited to try their new apple pie recipe. I wasn’t exactly a big fan of their original one but this new pie had a thick layer of walnuts…and i love walnuts!

Well, it was not bad. The crust was buttery, almost cheesecake-like and the walnuts were delicious. However the apple slices were a bit dry for me. It was like the they were rolled in cinnamon and stuffed in an already made delicious crust and then placed for storage. See, I like my apple pie baked with the stuffing so that some of the apples become soft just like my favorite pie from Purple Oven.

Why it’s a great place when you’re alone:
Food is generally good. Mary Grace serves great coffee, orange flavored service water and offers a wide array of delicious dishes and pastries. However sitting alone at their mall kiosk in Eastwood may make you feel a bit conspicuous if you’re not used to eating alone.

Thank goodness for the distraction from the beautiful looking plant boxes beside the tables….

The downside of my pastry treat was that i forgot i was due to be in hot flow yoga class in 30 minutes. So there i went into the hot room with a tummy full of apple pie and with fingers crossed that it would not eventually end up on my mat when i do the three legged dog pose.


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  1. i’m craving for one now šŸ˜€

    Comment by u8mypinkcookies | November 3, 2012 | Reply

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