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Solo Food Adventure: Eggs Benedict and Thick Hot Chocolate

I just love being in a patisserie! Neat rows of beautiful sweets do have their way of making me happy

The past two days have been a bit stressful at work so i declared that this weekend i would do what i loved …do brunch.

After a nice relaxing Saturday brunch at The Cake Club with JAO and DDB, i went on a solo Sunday brunch at Bizu.

Why it’s a great place when you’re alone:

1. They have a delicious bread basket

Crisp bread with creamy herbed butter…i would be satisfied just munching on this and sipping a cup of tea by the glass enclosure watching people pass by…my version of “tambay”

2. They make great Eggs Benedict (Php335)

Eggs Benedict is one of my favorite breakfast dish and Bizu’s version does not disappoint.

With generous slices of farmers ham on delicious english muffin topped with 2 perfectly poached eggs, drizzled with hollandaise sauce, i was one happy camper!

3. They serve Fabbri hot chocolate (Php85)

their thick hot chocolate is like a delicious melted chocolate bar served in a demitasse cup…pretty good!

…now i just have to make sure i don’t skip my two gym classes this week!

What’s your favorite brunch dish?


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