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Weekend Food Choices Week 91 : What You Might Eat in Heaven

Two weeks ago, hubby and i were ecstatic that the day had finally arrived…Wildflour started serving Sunday breakfast

There use to be a time when breakfast was considered a staple for me but as most of my friends know, i now try not to eat breakfast …that is, unless it is this delicious.

Wildflour has been open for business for a couple of months now, but only recently did they start to serve Sunday breakfast…we made sure we were there that first day.

We love the facade of the restaurant, top to bottom glass walls with an open kitchen and a pastry display too tempting to resist

Parking is not very convenient though, but fortunately hubby’s work place is a building away so we decided to just park in his slot that morning.

We enjoyed sipping our coffee while we made up our minds on what to order

Wildflour‘s ambiance is casual with decors that are simple and uncluttered

a lot of natural light, which always makes me happy in the morning, was coming in through the glass walls -AC and natural light, a perfect environment for a nice breakfast! I just wish it wasn’t so crowded because i prefer peace and quiet in the morning but hubby said that the crowd was evidence of how good the food probably was…he had a point there…

What got me excited about Wildflour was DCF‘s review of how their baked products, including their baguette -my staple lunch piece now a days, as well as their brioche -and hubby knows how i love brioche, are all made in house

you could just imagine my excitement as we waited for our orders…

Wildflour Belgian Waffle (Php340)

A big serving, enough to satisfy two people, this pretty breakfast dish was a delight

topped with bananas and caramelized walnuts, drizzled with just a bit of the Vermont maple syrup

Maple syrup, made from the sap of the maple tree is harvested around spring time when the sap runs due to the temperature changes. Vermont is the largest producer of maple syrup in the US and pride themselves in high quality 100% maple syrup -nothing else added.

The light syrup that came with the Wildflour waffles was perfect as it lightly sweetened the delicious bread

A Belgian waffle is different from the regular waffle because of its large size, lighter batter and deeper pocket squares

This one was perfectly made with a crunchy coating and a soft middle. In fact, remove the bananas, walnuts and maple syrup and any bread lover would delight in just the waffle itself!

A very good dish to order!

Brioche French Toast with Bacon and Sausage (Php410 +70)

Brioche is a sweet french bread made rich with a lot of butter and eggs making it more of a pastry rather than just your average loaf.

The thickness of this french toast was staggering! The crusty edges made me want to dig in as soon as it was served

Cutting into the french toast, the crunchy, lightly browned crust gave way to the soft brioche

trying a piece was indescribable, in fact, i thought i actually died and went to heaven!

…yes that’s how delicious it was!

now if there is one thing i can actually cook, it is french toast, and i know how it can be difficult to soak the bread with just the right amount of mixture so that the toast is moist but not soggy…i don’t know how they did it but this thick brioche was perfect!

The bread was just terrific!


as if the two dishes were not enough, hubby and i went ahead, satisfied our curiosity and ordered their Warm Sticky Icky Bun (Php130)

We’ve been craving for that soft sticky bun we saw made in NYC and were hoping this would do, but unfortunately it didn’t make the cut.

We wish it had been softer, gooey-er in the middle and a bit warmer. Had it been so, it would have hit the spot…

two outstanding dishes out of 3…not bad at all!

so if your looking for a new breakfast hang out, Wildflour is highly recommended for their delicious dishes made with their home made bread

…just make sure you reserve a table if you’re as impatient as i am in waiting because they’re almost always full.

Wildflour Cafe & Bakery
G/F, Net Lima Bldg,
4th Ave. corner 26th Street,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Telephone: +632 856-7600


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  1. I have yet to try this place. Some say the breakfast food is good, but the other dishes not so much. Can’t wait to try it out and see for myself. šŸ™‚

    Comment by Guia Obsum | October 17, 2012 | Reply

    • I’ve heard mediocre comments about the non breakfast dishes but do try the french toast…the bread is so good!

      Comment by mrs lavendula | October 18, 2012 | Reply

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