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Weekend Food Choices Week 90: A Watering Hole Serving My Happy Food

Last week hubby told me he found a new place to hang out in that served my favorite happy food with cocktails
…a pub serving brick oven pizza…lets go i said

Citizen Pub is one of the numerous watering holes found in City Golf Plaza in Julia Vargas. It was unfortunately drizzling that evening so we had to forgo the great view from the roof top and content ourselves with a seat in one of the comfy first floor booths

We decided to start dinner with cocktails

Pomegranate Martini (Php220)

This martini was delicious and i would have ordered another one except i had to go to work the next day…

Nachos (Php180)

Doesn’t look like much but the meat salsa was surprisingly very tasty. It’s not exactly Orale but I love how they garnished the mix with parsley. Hubby just wished there were more meat salsa in the dish.

Crazy Burger (Php235)
crunchy burger patty with wasabi crab meat mayo

The burger patty did not look as though it was freshly made. It seemed like it could have come from the freezer… but the crunchy coating definitely gave it character and the wasabi crab meat mayo made it all the more better. If you’re craving for beefy burger goodness this is not for you, but if you’re looking for something new that’s interestingly good, then the Crazy Burger is worth a try.

now for my favorite comfort food

Citizen’s Finest (Php280)

I loved this pan of goodness the moment it was set on our table.

The pizza’s thin crust was perfectly crisp and the toppings beautifully covering the pie. Picking up a hot slice made my heart flutter even a little faster as the gooey mozzarella resisted separation.

So good!

Who would have thought that a local pub could dish out such a delightful pan of brick oven pizza?!

Good cocktails and delicious pizza…definitely my kind of happy hang out!

Citizen Pub
City Golf Plaza
Julia Vargas
(+632917) 5506699
11 a.m. – 3 a.m.

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