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Packed Lunch: Delicatesse

I grew up eating sausages, cured meat and cheeses so when i decided i would start bringing food to work, there was no doubt i had to bring my happy food

Delicatesse, originally a French word meaning delicious things, is now widely used to name a place where fine food are sold, more popularly known as a deli.

I just love being inside a delicatessen. Aside from Santis and Bacchus epicerie, Rustan’s Gourmet to Go offers a multitude of deli products

they have my favorite cheeses

numerous cured meat

among which are the wide variety of my favorite salami

and various sausages

i would have bought them all but since i couldn’t, opted for some smoked Canadian Ham and Salame Napoli

the sweet Canadian Ham paired with the rich salty Salame made a great sandwich

between thick multigain slices (my fault as i sliced the loaf myself), with iceberg lettuce and soft light brie

this was one delicious lunch sandwich


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