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Let’s Celebrate!

5 years ago i wrote ODB’s first food post, a 7 word entry.
Who would have thought that a few years later we would have been one of Yummy Magazine’s Best Local Food Blog, Luzon’s Best Food & Beverage Blog and a DailyBuzz Food Featured Publisher contributor.

Definitely something to celebrate about

We decided to keep the celebration casual so we headed to Orale.

We love it when we discover a new taqueria because we’re always on a hunt for our favorite snack dish, nachos

This cozy little nook only has a few inside tables and can get pretty busy at dinner.

A newbie in Orale? No sweat, grab a table, go up to the counter and place your order

it wouldn’t hurt if your were hungry too…

Each Mexican dish can be personalized with your favorite filling…don’t worry, there is a guide at the bottom of the chalkboard menu for your reference

know your food amigo!

don’t you just love it when a restaurant pays attention to small details to achieve a unified theme?

from the simple wooden chairs and tables to the murals on concrete walls

you feel like you’re actually in Mexico when you’re in Orale

oh, did i mention they serve a mean margarita?!

i like my margarita frozen (Php175)
it’s like a spiked version of my favorite lemon lime slushy…yum, yum, yum!

What makes Orale different from other taquerias is that they use freshly made flour tortillas in their dishes

they have 2 large tortilla press in their open kitchen which they use to make the various Mexican dishes in their menu

Regular Carnitas Burrito (Php275)

This would be just right for a hungry person. The rice makes it pretty filling even if the burrito size is not very large. Although Hubby and i both agreed that we’ve had better burritos, this would be a more or less satisfactory substitute

Regular Barbacoa Quesadilla (Php265)

i thought that the Barbacoa filling in this quesadilla was delicious, it would probably be great in the burrito as well!

each Mexican dish in Orale is served with your choice of salsa (mild, medium or hot)

and because we love the heat we chose the hot salsa

The thing was, the quesadilla and the burrito each had different salsa on the side

the thicker salsa for the quesadilla was sissy but the thinner one for the burrito was great

but now let’s get down to business and sample what we came for

Carne Asada Nacho (Php325)

It didn’t look much but after a bite, i fell in love with these nachos! The freshly made lightly salted chips were so delicious! And the nacho mix of beef, tomatoes, jalapenos and surprisingly even the bean paste was pretty good.

perfect paired with your favorite drink and chit chat

If you happen to visit Orale too confused and don’t know what to order, you wont go wrong with their nachos, in fact this dish is definitely a must try!

My kind of hang out will not be complete without a decent dessert

Churros (Php60)

Im not sure why but even just the scent of cinnamon lifts my mood… so when i found out their churros were rolled in cinnamon, i just had to try them

this fried dough pastry covered in what i call my happy dust was simple bliss! A great ending to our celebration!

looking for a new cool hang out? Orale! See you there…


Fort Strip
Bonifacio Global City


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  1. […] look like much but the meat salsa was surprisingly very tasty. It’s not exactly Orale but I love how they garnished the mix with parsley. Hubby just wished there were more meat salsa in […]

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  2. everything looks tasteful and vibrant!
    i like the mexican ambiance with that chalkboard menu, haha!
    congratulations on your 5 years of blogging! our sites have the share the same age in cyberspace! šŸ™‚
    here’s to more savory blog posts, awards and recognition! kudos!

    Comment by docgelo | October 5, 2012 | Reply

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