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Weekend Food Choices Week 89: Caution…Definitely Habit Forming

Hubby and i were looking for something new to try so we headed to the Fort Strip to try the Cheese Steak Shop Manila Food Truck

After driving around the block a few times…ok, 5 times to be exact…we finally swallowed our pride (yes hunger probably had something to do with it as well) and dialed their number. We found out they had a stationary shop which had been open (on soft opening) for 2 weeks now.

Apparently, the Cheese Steak Shop food truck is only around the area during lunch time…i was a bit disappointed because i really wanted the food truck experience…oh well…lunch time food trucking might be too hot for comfort for me anyway…

The Cheese Steak Shop in Fort Strip is a cozy little joint decorated with sports memorabilia

the menu is posted on the main wall of the shop

…it didn’t take us long to make up our minds what we wanted

To our delight the staff was very accommodating and knew their products well

We were given a habit forming card -funny name huh?! which Hubby happily kept, because …well, i guess office lunch would never be the same for him from now on…

When our 10 inch cheese steak sandwich came, i didn’t think it looked much. Maybe we should have ordered the 15 inch sandwich i thought…

…i thought wrong!

Hubby had asked that the hot and sweet peppers be placed on the side so that we could taste the cheese steak in its pure state, so we were surprised that even the roasted onions were on the side also, but it was a minor detail that we really didn’t mind

aside from the peppers and onions there were also condiments available but believe me, you wont need it

This cheese steak sandwich was delicious just the way it was.

Definitely, Amoroso’s bread roll gives this cheese steak sandwich additional character

Cheese Steak Shop Manila’s large onion rings

Good sized onion rings, with such a crisp batter

I so love it!

…ok now back to the cheese steak sandwich

Steak so soft and the cheese subtly complementing …with some heat from the peppers, wrapped in the delicious, pillow soft bread…so good!

…habit forming? You bet!

The Cheese Steak Shop Manila
Fort Strip
Bonifacio Global City


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