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Weekend Food Choices Week 84: In Search of Solace

They say that the only constant thing in life is change, but the creature of habit that i am, can’t help but be fidgety about up coming changes. When this happens, there’s no better way to cheer myself up than to enjoy a delicious dinner with Hubby

Stella is the new addition to the Raintree Restaurant chain together with Rocket Room next door where you can go if you just want your wine and cocktails.

This wood fired bistro’s interior is simple but chic, a good ambiance for a dinner date but casual enough for a gathering with family or friends

The menu was only two pages long so we were able to choose our orders without any problems, but there was one dish in the menu that really got me excited …read on to find out which it is

As we were waiting for our dishes we were served complimentary bread either pumpkin or rye to which hubby wrinkled his nose. You see as adventurous he is with other dishes, his preference in bread is a bit bland. He only likes plain soft white bread and the most he’ll go out of his comfort zone is with a bagel. This is exactly the opposite of my penchant for European breads that are crusty and need a bit of a pull with each bite. Hubby eventually chose the pumpkin bread which was white and soft and surprisingly enjoyed it with the olive oil and roasted tomatoes it came with.

We were glad we arrived at Stella early that evening because by the time our server got our orders the place was already full. Fortunately, those who had to wait for their tables were seated at Rocket Room where they can order drinks while waiting.

After a while our orders came

On our table:

Bone Marrow (Php395)

The last time i had this was at Je Suis Gourmand a french restaurant headed by Marc Aubrey, now called Champetre

The roasted bone marrow set on a bed of rock salt looked so inviting!

I asked our server what the condiments were beside the bone marrow and he paused as if at a loss and said “panglagay po sa bread” (its to be placed on the bread) ?!?!! As i was asking what they were and not what they were for i repeated my question and he realized he was not going to get off the hook that easily and said he would ask the chef.

Hubby was already grinning when the server left because he knew how irked i get when servers don’t know their dishes. After all, dining out is not just about the food, the ambiance and service have to be good as well to complete the experience.

The server came after a few minutes and told us it was gremolata. I was confused because i knew that the condiment i was asking about is a sort of compote. I was about to ask him what exactly it was but decided to hold my tongue lest i ruin our dinner and instead gave him a dissatisfied nod.

Gremolata is a condiment of chopped herb, usually parsley, mixed with lemon zest and garlic. I decided to take a second look at the menu and found out that the condiments were actually described there. Obviously, someone did not study their menu very well -Chef Robert Irvine would be horrified! The condiment i was actually asking about was a rosemary sultana compote.

A large chunk of the cholesterol laden bone marrow placed on the herbed focaccia crisp drizzled with the gremolata and topped with the compote was so, so delicious!

Roasted Seafood Firecraker Fusilli (Php395)

Another thing i didn’t fancy about the service was that they did not serve the dishes in succession so our pasta was not as warm when we dug in. Fortunately the spicy olive and sundried tomato cream and dried chili gave us the much needed heat.

I must admit the roasted seafood and Malagos ricotta in this fusilli pasta dish was pretty good.

Butcher’s Best Wood Fired Pizza (Php325)

i wanted a meaty pizza so this home made garlic-fennel sausage, double smoked bacon and pepperoni pizza was perfect.

I’m a fan of thin crust pizza but this wood fired pizza with its thick and chewy crust covered with delicious Rizal Dairy Mozzarella and delicious meat got my seal of approval

If you’re a thick crust pizza person, Stella’s wood fired pizzas are a must try.

Crema Catalana (Php195)

This Spanish dessert is similar to the creme brulee with a custard base and a caramelized sugar top. The blueberry and raspberry toppings gave a great tangy twist to the dessert.

A perfect ending to our dinner!

I love how Stella makes use of local cheeses and that definitely makes the food more special for me but they need to polish their service to compliment their wonderful dishes.

But honestly, i would go back if only for the bone marrow…so good!

What gives you solace in times of distress?

Bonifacio High Street Central
Global City, Taguig, Philippines


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  1. Hi Mitzi!

    Came across your blog accidentally. I am having fun reading all your food adventures. Made me miss the food scene back there in the Philippines. Ill keep on reading…

    Comment by kaye buhain | July 4, 2012 | Reply

    • Hi Kaye! Thanks for visiting Our Daily Blog. Enjoy the food porn =p

      Comment by mrs lavendula | July 4, 2012 | Reply

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