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Celebrating Independence Day

Today is the Philippine’s 114th Independence Day so Hubby and i decided we would celebrate by eating at a Filipino restaurant

KKK serves various Filipino food but we already knew which ones we wanted

I ordered a glass of kamias shake (Php 78) because i was intrigued at this unusual flavor.

I didn’t think i’d like it very much but i was wrong. It was sour and sweet at the same time and was actually a very refreshing drink.

Crispy Kangkong Salad (Php 100)

Hubby and i both thought this was a good appetizer. The kangkong (water spinach) leaves were very crunchy and i loved the home made dressing.

Mixed Seafood Tinanglad (Php 280)

Hubby loved this soup’s broth, something like tom yum. The soup was very flavorful and the various seafood were very good as well. Buttery fish, tender squid, adequately sized shellfish, fresh tomatoes. A very good pot of soup!

Sisig Pampanga (Php 195)

When this came to our table it was not at all sizzling and the contents were mostly fatty pork covered with prork rind so we were both very disappointed. Infact it is unlikely that we’ll ever order this again. Too bad.

Leche Flan Gatas ng Kalabaw (Php 68)

When dessert time came, curiosity again got the better of me and i needed to see if the carabao milk would make any difference to hubby’s favorite dessert. It did make the dessert a bit more creamier but the taste was pretty much the same as any ordinary custard. Not bad.

It was a very filling dinner. The prices were very affordable and aside from the sisig, we were quite satisfied with the dishes we ordered.

A delicious way to celebrate our independence day.

How did you celebrate independence day?

Lower Ground Floor
SM Megamall


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