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Pork vs Inconvenience

A few months back we took a trip to Clark Airbase and decided we would have lunch a few minutes away from the base at this famed restaurant

We knew it would probably be a bit shabby being next to the railroad and everything, but the lure of sizzling pork won over comfort -even for me.

Pampanga is said to be the home of the best sisig and since hubby and i love sisig, eating here is definitely part of our bucket list

as hubby was waiting to place our order at the counter, and there was a considerable amount of people at that time, fairly disorganized to my dismay, he saw how they prepared the dish.

Apparently they chop the grilled pork cheeks, throw it on the sizzling plate with some onions and that was it. We guessed that they probably marinated the pork before grilling.

so after more than an hour’s wait after placing our orders and numerous table moves because the tables were just not enough for our group, and very filthy at that (charcoal filthy, i swear!), we finally got our sizzling plates.

Was it worth the wait?

The sisig was good but not great enough for me to travel 3 hours and wait another hour for our food in a hot and humid road side restaurant.

I’m not sure if the less than superior food was because of the volume of the diners and thus a hurried manner of prep. We could tell the staff was overwhelmed and each going about their own way to satisfy the customers, in the end still not the least bit efficient.

Or was it really all just a hype in the first place…

Aling Lucing
The Original Sisig Queen
Glaciano Valdez Street
Angeles City, Philippines


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