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As Easy as Toast

Happy Labor Day everyone! Here’s to all the hard working people out there…

I don’t cook because i never liked being around the stove…too hot in my opinion!
…but there are a few things i can whip up

like french toast for example…hubby says that i make a mean stack of this breakfast goodie!

It’s so easy to make even i can’t complain! So allow me to share with you this very simple recipe

Mrs Lavendula’s French Toast

Beat 2 eggs in 1/2 a cup of milk. Add sugar or cinnamon if you like your french toast sweet or flavored. I like mine plain.

You can do this directly in your measuring cup, and it’s not because i’m just being lazy…well, and that too *snicker*

The real reason for this, is you want to pour just enough mix into the bowl for one french toast so that you wont over soak your first few batches resulting in a few soggy toasts and under soak the last ones.

After soaking your bread slice, immediately drop in a hot pan with melted butter (a lot if you were me)

Turn after about a minute or when your toast is golden brown

Repeat the steps until your mix is used up. The proportions i made is good for 6 toasts

i like to top my french toast with butter and french preserves

Bonne Maman is a great brand you can get locally

Perfect with poached egg and a cold glass of milk or iced coffee

What’s the easiest dish you’ve ever whipped up?


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  1. you’re still lucky dra. i still have a faint scar from making french toast. i thought making it was easy and harmless but then again, it think i have a big yellow sign on my forehead saying: “Caution: Kitchen Hazard!”

    Comment by Farah Guinto | May 1, 2012 | Reply

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