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Come As You Are

There is an appropriate time and place for everything

that’s what my mom always says

I still remember my mom’s constant lectures on social graces. May not have been a total fan then, but i fully appreciate them now. She’s big on polished manners & courteous behavior which we fall short of most of the time, but you can just imagine!

She says that how we behave reflects how she is as a mother, so we had better behave appropriately in public, less we embarrass her and because she is such a great mom….hence my present demeanor

Now, it’s a good thing this sandwich restaurant is such a casual dining place, you could use your bare hands to gobble this monstrous order. Eating without cutlery may not always be a pretty sight & may be inappropriate in other places but definitely socially acceptable at Mad Mark’s.

This delicious “THE” Man Sandwich has tender angus beef, delightful grilled chicken, enhanced by Mad Mark’s savory flavors & topped with fresh mushrooms and mozzarella.

so go ahead, put down that knife and fork and use your hands, make a clutter on your table with the sandwich’s cheese and juices if you have to… you may just enjoy it a bit more that way…

Mad Mark’s
23 East Capitol Drive
Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig


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