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Weekend Food Choices Week 78: A New Hangout at the Grove

Hubby and i found out that a couple of restaurants were already open at the Rockwell Grove near TMC, and since we live 5min away, we decided to check it out

Sunrise Buckets has been in the country for a year now with their first branch located in Greenhills. We’ve never tried them before so we were excited to find a branch at the Rockwell Grove.

The ambiance is fun and laid back, just what i needed to de-stress, and they’re known for serving interesting flavored chicken wings by the buckets -definitely my kind of snack

the tables were pretty neat, decorated with bottle caps

I wasn’t feeling very well that evening so as a joke, i decided i would order some ginger ale to see if it would do me any good.

Ginger ale, a carbonated drink flavored with ginger, was said to be concocted by an American doctor in the late 1800. It was supposed to be a good home remedy for indigestion, motion sickness and upper respiratory infection. Of course now a days, it is better known as a beverage or a mixer with alcoholic drinks.

well, i guess the mind is truly powerful because after i consumed half the can, i started to feel a lot better *snicker*

good enough to be able to choose which flavor chicken wings i wanted to order, that is

hubby, as always, ordered the hottest option while i decided i wanted to try their Jack Daniel’s coated wings

As we waited for our buckets of wings, i was admiring the decors on the walls when i saw one which i felt was made for me to see

“There is always, always, always something to be thankful for”

You can say that again!

I didn’t dare try hubby’s ultimate crazy hot wings, but he seems to like it

What i love about this place is they provide their diners with plastic gloves so u can eat with your hands without the fear of soiling your digits.

This reminds me of what we used to do on our vacations when we would gobble up pepper lime chicken wings at our cousin & my mom’s house as a past time, finishing off with very clean chicken bones as if nothing happened because we had such clean hands

We ordered half a pound of each flavored wings. Half a pound order will give you about 4-5 pcs, enough to taste, but not to satiate, not for me at least

My Jack Daniel’s chicken wings were sweet with no hint of spice at all.

Jack Daniel’s is a whiskey from Tennessee, popularly used as grilling or marinade sauce. With cooking, no alcohol remains in the sauce, only the good flavor.

I really liked my chicken wings, the perfect comfort food i was looking for all day. This was defintely obvious with all the bones in our table’s basket

It’s just too bad this place has a bar but don’t serve any cocktails except for margarita. They should get a bartender, in my opinion.

I wanted to order another half pound bucket of wings, this time bourbon flavored -i was curious how different this would be from the Jack Daniel’s because bourbon is a type of wiskey, but unfortunately they were out so hubby decided he would order their nacho overload. This was not very good though, the chips got soggy easily and the ground beef could hardly be found in the pile

Maybe we should have stuck with the chicken wings…

Next time i want to try their burger and chicken poppers, which can be flavored by the same sauce options as their wings….yum!

I just love days like these when hubby and i can just hang out and chat and Sunrise Buckets is definitely a good place to, well, like these decors say, to live, love & laugh

Sunrise Buckets
The Grove by Rockwell,
C5, Libis, Pasig, City
Reservations 0917-5949044


April 16, 2012 - Posted by | Gastronomic experience, Meandering, Weekend Food Choices

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  1. i first thought this set of photos was taken abroad, libis pala.
    this hang out place the vibe!

    Comment by docgelo | April 19, 2012 | Reply

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