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Homemade Pasta Dishes

hubby was inspired to cook a couple of dishes after he bought his new pan -or maybe he just wanted to take pasta dishes into his own hands…whatever the reason was, it made my tummy happy

his first pasta dish was tuna capellini

capellini which literally means thin hair, is a variety of Italian pasta which, like spaghetti, comes in long strands, but is much thinner. I used to think that capellini and angel hair pasta were one and the same, but i found out that capellini d’angelo, or angel hair pasta, is an even thinner version compared to the regular capellini, by a few millimeters that is.

after cooking the pasta in boiling water, it was placed in a tap water bath to stop the cooking process. Hubby then began the sauce by sauteing some garlic in olive oil

the tuna from the can (of course you can use fresh ones but we’re amateurs hahaha!) was dropped in the pan followed by rosemary, thyme, and freshly ground black pepper

the capellini was then thrown into the pan and mixed with the sauce

The flavors from the herbs were delicious but hubby and i thought that the pasta was a little overdone. We’ll make sure to cook it a few seconds less next time.

Our conclusion was that because the capellini is so thin, it cooks much, much faster than regular spaghetti. What do you think?

Challenged by the slightly overcooked pasta, hubby decided he would give another dish a try this time it was a linguine mushroom afredo

Linguine is a flat variety of pasta like fettuccine but not as wide.

a couple of squares of butter were melted in the pan followed by a thick cream of mushroom. The perfectly cooked linguine was then added

Traditionally, pasta alfredo is served with Parmesan cheese but we decided we would use the left over Old Amsterdam Cheese we had from the salad i made.

It was a great alternative!


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  1. looks delicious! home cooked pa! šŸ™‚

    Comment by docgelo | April 19, 2012 | Reply

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