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discoveries after the wedding bells


During the holy week, hubby and i stayed away from our staple dishes and ate healthy for a change

Majority of restaurants were closed for a few days, except for a couple of fast food places we saw open, which is not exactly healthy, so we decided we would cook at home -no, the world is not coming to an end…

i decided i would make a bowl of salad from ice lettuce, Old Amsterdam cheese and apples

Old Amsterdam cheese is a Dutch gourmet cheese that we chose for its buttery flavor, perfect with the sweet apples and our tangy dressing

hubby suggested an olive oil and lemon dressing -don’t ask me for exact proportions as i just poured the olive oil and added 3/4 freshly squeezed lemon juice and stirred…it turned out pretty good, if i may say so!

my salad made a great pair to hubby’s dish

seared salmon strips

the salmon was seared then dunked in yakiniku sauce before serving. It was rich and fatty, delicious with a splash of lemon followed by mouthful of our greens

I guess abstinence isn’t so hard after all!


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