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To Easter and New Beginnings

Hubby and i have been waiting all week for Easter because after everyone had gone on vacation earlier this week, i scheduled some work to finish, and could not take leave till Sunday. We planned a whole day of relaxation as a consolation for staying in town -the 2nd year in a row now, with another year in anticipation, but unfortunately things weren’t so relaxing

Warning: if you don’t feel like going through the ranting of the dispirited, skip this post otherwise don’t say i didn’t warn you…

Despite the beautiful cotton candy clouded Easter day, problems still loomed overhead -i just couldn’t take my mind off it

Fortunately the food was comforting.

Lorenzo’s Way
is part of a group of restaurants of the late Larry J. Cruz, a journalist who opened the famed Cafe Adriatico in the 70’s. The restaurant features a number of LJC’s signature dishes.

Our choice dishes:
French onion soup

As this is hubby’s favorite starter, he just had to have this in the hope of finding a local version that compares to the one he always gushes about in the US.

This bowl got a thumbs up. Not exactly perfect but more than ok, so finally, a temporary replacement until we can take our trip again *sigh*

i know i should really stop whining.

I mean if i can’t stand my situation, i should just leave, right? That’s what i always tell all the whiners who ask for my opinion anyway. Now here i am, on the other end of the plank. Sometimes i can’t help but doubt if im really where i should be…after all, i was happy, comfortable, and content before i decided on this journey, so what am i doing here on the other side of the fence?

I’d be lying if i said i wasn’t in low spirits, so i just had to order this next dish to see if it made me any happier


Callos happens to be one of my favorite Spanish dish. I love how the sweet stewed tomatoes engulf the tripe, chorizo, chickpeas and olives

This dish was good but not nearly as delicious as Barcino’s version. A couple bites of the sweet, salty and slighty spicy callos which topped the crunchy baguette did however make me feel better, even for just a few minutes on Easter day.

Did you know that the English word Easter comes from the Anglo-Saxon word for April “Eostoremonath”, the month which the Jewish festival to celebrate Christ resurrection, Passover, usually falls on? This celebration, after 40 days of fasting, abstinence, and penitence focuses on birth & new beginnings. And that was what we had in mind, but for some reason, the powers that be, chose this day for depressing circumstances, hence the rut i was in.

For our main dish, we decided it was time for some pork after a few days of abstinence during the holy week, as if that was going to be of any help

Knockout knuckles

Crispy fried pork leg with Lorenzo’s Way’s signature garlic chili sauce. This was a delicious dish, very tasty, as if the pork was marinated in a good bath before deep frying. It could have been a little more crispy though, but great with the garlic fried rice.

On any other day, i would have already been giddy with all this time spent with hubby and a good meal on the table but i was such bad company to hubby that day, i actually rather pitied him.

What else could possibly lighten my mood?

Halo-Halo Espesyal

this was definitely worth the wait, a sweet dessert that gave a comforting end to my day of discontent

…this, and 90 min at the spa and a few glasses of mojito to cap the night off that is….

if there was one thing i had to keep reminding myself that day, it was this: whatever you’re going through today, there is always the hope of a better day tomorrow

-thanks for your patience hubby, sorry i was such a drag!

How do you deal with disappointments?

Lorenzo’s Way
Bonifacio High Street Central
Global City, Taguig, Philippines


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  1. i guess it’s okay to feel down sometimes (we’re human after all)… i hope you’re feeling much better now šŸ™‚ the knockout knuckles look appetizing!

    Comment by Hazel | April 12, 2012 | Reply

    • Hi Hazel! i am feeling a lot better, no use sulking with all the lovely food out there to sample right?! Thanx for visiting Our Daily Blog! hope we see you here again!

      Comment by mrs lavendula | April 13, 2012 | Reply

  2. I eat out! That’s how I deal. Nothing like a sweet dessert to perk me up. I miss halo halo and ube ice cream!

    Comment by Carlo | April 15, 2012 | Reply

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