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Weekend Food Choices Week 76: Change can be Good

Everyone knows Hubby and I love Japanese cuisine and we rarely appreciate distortion of classic dishes.

Sometimes it just takes a nice dinner date to change our mind

Geisha serves modern Japanese cuisine and is one of the few restaurants already open in the new Bonifacio High Street Central.

The menu was appealing to Hubby because it had all our usual favorites. I, on the other hand, thought the interior was very inviting. Modern, definitely more elaborate than the usual zen simplicity of most Japanese restaurants, but had its own minimalist sense .

Hubby & i have been craving for carpaccio and instantly knew what we wanted to have for starters

Geisha Carpaccio
Yellow fin tuna & Nowregian river salmon in olive oil & ponzu sauce

We were one if the first few diners to come in but majority of the tables were already reserved. In fact, it wasn’t long until people started to fill the tables. Fortunately, the staff was very accommodating to make room to satisfy my request to be seated at a table with a couch so we were able to enjoy the carpaccio, the delicious thin slices of fresh tuna & salmon comfortably seated with our drinks

Hubby, predictable as he is, ordered a Kirin beer while i decided to try one of their cocktails

this sake based mojito is delicious! I love this sweet & refreshing cocktail and would have ordered another one if i didn’t need to wake up early the next day!

Sushi platter

Sushi served on a beautiful glass platter with my two favorite sushi, the unagi & the salmon. Each sushi was a decent proportion but I thought that the slice of salmon was a bit thin and that their wasabi was not as intense as we’d like it to be but oh that unagi!

A delicious unagi mouthful that melted as it touched my palate *sigh*

By now i had concluded that Geisha’s creators took a lot of time thinking of the concept of each dish, how it is to be presented to appeal not only to the palate but to the visual senses as well

Our sukiyaki was served next

Again, a show in it self, the sukiyaki broth was poured by our server into the noodles and what seemed like a poached egg

I slowly sipped the broth but soon realized it was most unnecessary as it was lukewarm. I think what happened was they were serving our dishes in series and we took a little longer on the carpaccio than they expected that our broth got cold. Fortunately the broth in the kettle was not enough and they had to refill it with a new batch which was warmer.

For our main dishes we got the Angus beef teppanyaki
perfectly cooked tender beef cubes served with a bowl of creamed mushroom

for our second dish we decided on a donburi

Geisha’s gyudon was pretty good, Japanese rice topped with thinly sliced US prime sirloin & egg

The flavor of this donburi is delicious…and did i mention there was a fairly cooked egg?!

To cap the night off, i decided i wanted to try their tea selection and boy was i glad!

We ordered a pot of Dallah -earl grey, lavender, vanilla and corn flower petals were placed in an interesting tea pot to steep

our server then explained to us that she would leave a timer at our table so that we could brew our tea to our liking

i like my tea medium strength

so when the time was up, our server placed the pot of tea on top of a glass and the tea passed by gravity into glass…cool i thought!

The tea was delicious! It was calming and a good pair to the Matcha cheesecake we ordered for dessert.

a great ending to our dinner date!

If you’re looking for classic Japanese dishes, Geisha might not be for you, but if you love the cuisine and you’re looking to tickle your senses, Geisha is an entertaining place to try…and let us always remember, change, at times, can be good!

Bonifacio High Street Central
Global City, Taguig, Philippines
open 11am to 12am


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  1. The meal looks lovely, but what I’m most excited about (beside the salmon and unagi sushi — my favorites too!) is the green tea cheesecake! šŸ™‚

    Comment by Guia Obsum | March 19, 2012 | Reply

    • The matcha cheesecake is very light so it’s actually perfect after a heavy meal. Hubby likes the traditional new york cheesecake so he did not fancy this dessert but i thought it was pretty good

      Comment by mrs lavendula | March 20, 2012 | Reply

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