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Watch ‘n Snackin of the Week: Buffalo Wing Chips

This week we were watching House, Alcatraz and Fringe, enjoying it with a tube of Pringles

hubby and i were debating whether the pringles tube shrunk or we just got used to bigger snacks.

We concluded that it was smaller because hubby did make old pringles tubes into speakers and he remembers that they had a 3 inch diameter and this tube seemed to be a few centimeters smaller

despite the smaller chips, we were actually excited to pop these into our mouths because we’ve never tasted this flavor before

hubby was a bit disappointed at how it was not at all spicy (for him that is), i had to agree when i had one but as you start gobbling these chips, the spiciness accumulates into a tolerable heat.

hubby thought it was bland but i thought it was just right…except that the nutritional info said the tube was enough for 6 servings…ooh-oh…


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