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Watch ‘n Snackin of the Week: Sesame Mochi

Every week hubby and i would have date night, usually watching either movies or new episodes of the tv series that we follow. We would often munch on our fave snacks while enjoying the flicks on our comfy recliner…i know, i know, not a very healthy habit! …so instead of wallowing in guilt i thought why not share with you guys the items that we snack on

This week its Person of Interest and Fringe with sesame mochi.

We found several flavors of mochi while we were doing our grocery and thought maybe we’d try a box

These mochi balls were very soft and the sesame paste pretty good. It was just a bit too filling in my opinion, just a couple of mochi balls and i was done…and it wasn’t even half way through our first tv series…

A good piece of dessert but not exactly tv munchies.

Now, what to feature next week…


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