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Weekend Food Choices Week 69: Katsu overload

After a long day of shopping, hubby decided to take me somewhere new for dinner

Yabu is the first and only authentic Japanese katsuretsu restaurant in the Philippines.

Interesting interiors with manga adorning the walls as well as the menu

Yabu opened last November 11 with Chef Kazuya Takeda, head chef of Tonkatsu Takeshin in Tokyo, as expert consultant. They pride themselves in their deliciously soft, melt in your mouth katsu.

According to Yabu’s menu, katsu is short for katsuretsu meaning cutlet -a piece of meat that is cut, breaded and deep fried. However Katsu in Japanese also means to be victorious so that it’s tradition for Japanese students to eat katsudon the night before exams

so excited with this new restaurant find, hubby and i decided to start dinner with appetizers

Wakame and Potato salad

Wakame is a seaweed dish with ebiko. I loved this appetizer! Hubby was happy with his potato salad mixed with creamy mayonnaise mustard dressing

Mixed Seafood Katsu Set

The seafood katsu set includes rice, miso soup, japanese pickles, and unlimited cabbage with a bowl of fruit.
The seafood set includes a taste of Yabu’s black tiger prawns, scallops, cream dory, oyster and squid.

Yabu suggests that their katsu be dipped in their sesame seed and katsu sauce.
Diners are served sesame seeds which are to be ground and mixed with sweet, thick katsu sauce

this made such a good dipping bowl for my seafood katsu set!

I thought that the cream dory was a bit too oily and the tiger prawn was sadly small. The squid katsu was pretty good but i was raving when i tasted their oyster and scallop katsuretsu. The oyster and scallops were huge! The succulent oyster is sourced from Hiroshima while the meaty scallop is from the US, both really good with a splash of lemon and dunked in the freshly ground sesame dipping sauce.

Rosu Katsudon Set

This comes with miso soup, Japanese pickles, unlimited cabbage and a bowl of fruit.

This bowl of tender pork katsu covered with a 2 egg omelet and special sweet sauce over steaming white rice was delicious!

I would definitely order this again in our next visit and maybe get a taste of their black Berkshire pig tonkatsu set…

Yabu: The House of Katsu
Level 2 Mega Atrium


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