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Good Noodles

It’s lightly raining outside and I’m nursing a bad cold a day before Christmas and amidst all the holiday preparations there is one thing I can’t stop thinking about

a bowl of Masuki’s delicious noodles

once seated at a table in Masuki, the waiter will immediately serve a bowl of brown sauce and chopsticks then get your order

on our first visit i had thought that the sauce was complimentary soup *giggle*. apparently this flavorful sauce is perfect with their delicious siopao

Their siopao is a whopping 6 inches in diameter so it’s good for sharing. The bread is so soft and the filling, with a consistency of pork floss is a delicious variety to the usual siopao

Masuki is a popular noodle and siopao restaurant originally based in Binondo since the 1930’s. They pride themselves in their traditionally made mami noodles, using a long wooden stick just like in one episode of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations



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  1. The sauce is also used for the noodles. Grab a handful of noodles, smother in sauce and stuff in your mouth, repeat until noodles are gone and soup is brownish in color.

    Comment by Richard | December 28, 2011 | Reply

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