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Rain rain go away…

It has been raining almost daily for the past couple of weeks and my good friends know downpours make me sad

what better way to chase rain clouds away but with good comfort food

Mey Lin used to be an ordinary restaurant on one of the higher floor of megamall. Even before Crystal Jade La Mian opened in Greenhills, this restaurant, featuring a chef preparing the hand pulled noodles behind its glass window was a good alternative when hubby and i were too lazy to go to ongpin for good La Mien…as is often the case -us being lazy to take the long trip that is…

their dimsum are decent but the siao long pao is not really their strong suit with its lack of the usual broth filled dimsum wrap…too bad…

their prawn dumplings on the other hand are delicious…the soft wrapping filled with plump prawns dipped in soy
with just the right amount of chili… I could literally live on these!


these are my new found favorite!

strips of what seemed like green pasta noodles tied in knots. a delightful deviation from the usual crunchy nori that im used to snacking on

Hand pulled noodles with beef

definitely a satisfying comfort food on a rainy day


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