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Mid Autumn Festival Celebration

The moon cake festival falls on the day when the moon is the brightest for the entire year. It is apparently celebrated with feasting and games, and because we’ve never attended a moon cake party before, i was definitely excited when we were invited to one.

after a delicious dinner we were briefed on the rules of the moon cake games.

6 dice are rolled in a big white bowl
you are super lucky and win all the cakes if all six dice are rolled and have all the same numbers

you are a champion and will get the biggest cake if you get any of the following
1. you get 5 dice showing the four dots which are color red
2. you get 5 dice with the same numbers
3. you get 4 dice showing the four dots

you get the big cake if you get a straight

you take home a medium cake if you have 3 dice which show the 4 dots

you get a small cake if you have 4 dice with the same number

and finally you get the smallest cake if you have two dice with 4 dots

hubby and i got 1 small cake and a number of the smallest cakes

but the biggest winners are the mom and daughter tag team JAO and ate B!

what a satisfying dinner and fun night with workmates!

Spring Deer Hong Kong Restaurant
31 Timog Ave. near corner
Sct. Tobias Street
Phone (2) 371 4358, 374 3582


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  1. super fun! i hope we’ll all be lucky the whole year through! 🙂

    Comment by jen olay | September 29, 2011 | Reply

  2. the chinese community here in penang also celebrated mid autumn festival last month. even starbucks coffee here issued moon cake for the event. but what you had there as games over moon cake was indeed fun! thanks for sharing, doc mitzi! 🙂

    Comment by docgelo | October 3, 2011 | Reply

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