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Weekend Food Choices Week 57: Off on a Food Adventure

Its not often that hubby and i go out on an adventure but this weekend we stepped up to the challenge

to a food adventure that is…

we’ve been to the venice piazza a couple of times and its always been a good place to go when we want somewhere quiet to dine or to go for my favorite quirky flavored gelato

when we got there this weekend they were filming a music video, but unfortunately, it wasn’t of a band hubby and i knew

so we went to venice piazza’s lobby and got our passports for the food adventure

the passport allows you to get a taste test of 12 dishes from 12 restaurants at the venice piazza on all saturdays of June and July from 6pm to 10pm

There are tables outside venice piazza’s center plaza where passport holders could dine al fresco. this allows you to move from one restaurant to another easily than if you eat inside.

So 5 minutes past 6pm we decided it was time start our adventure with some appetizers

Pinchos‘ delicious baked oysters.

I loved these and wished there were more than 2 pieces included for each passport

Blackwood bistro was just next door so we asked if we could be served their dish without having to transfer

Blackwood Bistro‘s crab and mango salad.

I thought the serving was pretty small and more disappointingly, we saw a piece of tissue mixed in hubby’s salad *barf*

When we told our server about it they gave a simple apology and offered to change his plate. I thought they could have done better than that, after all a piece of tissue…gross right?!

Definitely not eating here ever again!

and we were more than glad to move on to the next restaurant

I’ve eaten at Little Asia in QC before and i loved their beef stew so i had good hopes for our next appetizer.

Little Asia offered minced chicken with lettuce cups which was alright…too used to having lettuce cups with peking duck and nothing beats that…

and Vietnamese spring rolls which were fresh off the stove. The servings were not bad at all.

Our next stop was at Old Vine.

We had eaten here once and thought the food was pretty good. Service was fast and efficient that evening even for us food adventure customers and hubby and i felt we were treated the best here

Old Vine‘s Salmon Carpacio was really delicious and i cleaned my plate even before our server got within a few feet away from our table. I would definitely order this when we come back.

Since Kuse and Old Vine are partner restaurants we decided we would start our main course without having to move tables.

Kuse served 2 generous portions of beef ribs adobado with rice and sides.

Initialy hubby was skeptical as he does not eat adobo but when i told him it did not taste like adobo at all and gushed at how soft the meat of the ribs were, he dug in and finished his plate. Two thumbs up for Kuse and Old Vine!

After our first main course we decided we were ready for some crab claws

I have fond memories of Red Crab in greenbelt because my baby sister and i would often go there for their lunch buffet before she moved away

the food adventure passport entitles you to one whole crab claw

definitely not enough for crab claw lovers like hubby and i but hey, it is supposed to be just a taste test right?!

When we were served our crab claws, hubby asked the server for a crab cracker but he was told we had to use the hammer on the table.

i actually saw some passport holders being given crackers but i wasn’t in the mood to complain that night so hubby hammered away

fortunately the succulent crab meat made me forget about the mundane service…

We headed to Sweet Pea next

in the passport photo the quesadilla and buffalo wings were served on a wooden board so i was disappointed that our food was given on plastic plates *boo!*

the quesadilla’s filling was almost undetectable and the buffalo wings was so tiny and almost all breading…i don’t think we’ll ever eat at this restaurant again…after all, the food tour was supposed to give you a taste of the best sellers of each restaurant right, and if this was their bestseller, i can’t imagine what the rest of their dishes are like…

At this time we had sampled 8 dishes from 7 of Venice Piazza’s 12 participating restaurants and i was starting to feel satiated.

So hubby and i decided to throw in the towel and get some dessert at one of my favorite local gelato store

i love sol gelato for their amazingly innovative flavors! The passport allows you to get a sample of any 3 gelato flavors to your liking YAY!

if this was anywhere near my daily route i would probably be one of their regulars

hubby and i agreed on 2 flavors…this

and this

but his third scoop was the wild strawberry

while i had the hokey pokey


we lounged for a while at sol gelato and planned to come back for the rest of our dishes next saturday. We still had to sample Empire‘s baked macaroni, Phoa‘s spring rolls, Ramen Bar‘s Karaage and Kakuni Buns and Yoswirl‘s yoghurt

So if you’re up for a food adventure, you still have 2 weekends to try McKinley Hill’s Venice Piazza Food Adventure!

…we might even see you there next weekend!


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  1. cool, you don’t have to consume everything in one night pala. nice! 🙂

    Comment by entrepgirl | July 18, 2011 | Reply

    • hi entrepgirl! yeah you can actually keep coming back as long as its on a saturday and before the promo ends 😉

      Comment by mrs lavendula | July 18, 2011 | Reply

  2. wow, this is one of my favorite posts! was really a great food adventure for you.

    i wonder where you put all those yummies? recalling when i saw you in PBA few years ago, you don’t look like you have such appetite! i guess unlike me, you know well how to consume all those gastronomic delights you take in. 🙂

    Comment by docgelo | July 20, 2011 | Reply

  3. This looks so interesting – but the passport concept isn’t exactly a new one, I think. I remember the now-defunct Streetlife using a similar passport system in the late 1990s.

    Comment by Midge | July 20, 2011 | Reply

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