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An Exciting Cookbook even for a Non-cook like Me

Hubby knows cooking is my waterloo and that i have no plans of doing anything about this until renovation of my dream kitchen comes underway and since that’s not going to happen anytime soon, i thought the higher being was playing a trick on me when this came in the mail

Now don’t get me wrong, i love food… appreciating dishes that is …cooking is another story which i usually leave to hubby or my baby sister…but just the same, i was actually eager to answer the RSVP… to do some food appreciation

Elba cookers from Italy has been in the Philippines for more than 20 years providing reliable, durable and elegant kitchen appliances from gas ranges to ovens.

now it brings another priceless tool in creating a flawless meal

the recipes in My Elba Kitchen Cookbook were carefully crafted and tested in the kitchens of the Center for Culinary Arts.

Exciting i thought…

The weather was not very pleasant that day but luckily i made it just in time for the first cooking demo.

Guest chef Darin Epp did a few of the recipes in the cookbook

apparently the recipes are easy enough to put together…maybe i can do a couple of these dishes i thought…

if there are doubts about my ability to put together any of these dishes, one thing was for sure, they definitely looked delicious!

the cookbook takes classic key ingredients and use them in quick and innovative ways

each simple recipe seem to become a cooking adventure

and apparently it doesn’t take a chef to make these masterpieces…

each dish platted made my tummy growl even louder

that was of course until i spotted Chef Sau (im such a fan!). He was nice enough for a quick chat and a photo … that definitely made my day *blush*

Chef Richie Custodio did the rest of the cooking demos

Interesting dishes…

all of which are included in the cookbook

they even demonstrated how pasta could be used as desserts

so for all my foodie friends and readers out there who actually cook, My Elba Kitchen Cookbook is definitely an interesting tool (even for a non cook like me) so go check it out at your nearest bookstore


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