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Busy Entertaining Guests with Dessert and Cocktails

For the past 4 weeks, hubby and i have been entertaining guests… well, entertaining would not exactly be the right term as we were at work for most of the hours our guests were visiting (what bad hosts!) but it was definitely a delight to have family over, first my mom and next our cousin and their charming son.

You will never go wrong with cocktails or coffee and dessert when you run out of ideas where to take your guests to “chillax”

Mom and i were chatting over mojito and pina colada at Sofitel’s Le Bar while waiting for our dinner reservation, and being a few minutes away from quirino grand stand, i was thinking about the up coming Cirque du Soleil Varekai which will open in Manila next month. Hubby said he was a little skeptical about going to see this one because, being a touring show, the stage mechanics of Varekai might not be as impressive as resident shows such as Le Reve with its amazingly good water acrobatics (which i absolutely loved! -thanx Mom! XOXO) or the full stage set up of the Cirque classic Mystere, and since Varekai’s story revolves around forests and nomads, we both doubted it would be as hillarious as Zumanity. Im sure it would be a fun show just the same knowing Cirque’s entertaining productions but i guess we’ll let our friends critique the show for us before we go and get tickets.

So back to the cocktails at Le Bar…i had ordered mojito and thought it was delicious and clean (I hate it when you have to sift through mint leaves with every sip). The marinated olive hors d oeuvres served with our drinks went well with my cocktail and was so addicting (im such an easy person to please aint i?!)

A week after dinner and cocktails with my mom, we were at Barcino for a tapas and drinks in the VIP aquarium with our cousins. If you’re not ordering wine, i still think the sangria is the best choice among the few cocktails they serve in their Rockwell branch (i heard they have more cocktail choices in Greenbelt -should visit soon) I tried their lychee martini and thought the drink had a strong coconut-y taste…good, yes, but wouldn’t go on my fave list. The Callos a la Madrillena made up for my mediocre drink … obviously we forgot to take photos (hahaha!).

So now, at home guest-less, im back to my weekend routines itching to try something new for our weekend food choices…where should we go hubby?!


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